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Brunch ©Geoff Peters/Flickr
Brunch ©Geoff Peters/Flickr
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The 10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Antibes, France

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Updated: 13 October 2016
What makes your breakfast or brunch in Antibes so special is places full of character and coziness, inviting and welcoming dining settings and happy and cheerful owners serving a variety of breakfast or brunch menus. Grab a cup of hot aromatic coffee and a colorful and flavorful cupcake from one of this places and then take a stroll around the city.
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Le Petit Brunch

One of the best spots in the French Riviera for brunch, Le Petit Brunch is a hidden gem in the city of Antibes. Burger foie gras, chicken burger and a variety of brunch menu options welcome Le Petit Brunch’s guests and treat them the best possible way. Friendly staff and a lovely and cozy atmosphere will make you feel at home, while enjoying your brunch under the sun. A glass of champagne is always waiting for you from the moment you walk into this amazing brunch spot.

117 bd du president Wilson, Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, France, +33 04 93 64 90 40

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Le Coq Licot

Popular for the lovely sunny location, the French Bistro Le Coq Licot is the ideal place to enjoy your brunch basking in the French sunshine. Serving good quality French food, this little restaurant in the heart of Antibes is always full of smiling and happy people who love tasting simple, but authentic French cuisine. The reasonable prices and the generous portions are a complete bonus. In a few words, Le Coq Licot is a lovely family run restaurant dedicated to authentic family inspired cuisine and brunch not to be missed.

2 Boulevard mar Leclerc, Antibes, France, +33 04 93 95 01 89

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La Cour Des Thés

La Cour Des Thes is the kind of brunch spot that’ll make you feel right at home. You will definitely love the elegant and gorgeous tea room and sitting area, full of colour and light. The sunny terrace in a lovely and colorful courtyard is definitely the highlight of this French restaurant. Homemade Fresh cuisine with emphasis on freshly prepared dishes with locally cultivated ingredients, homemade pastries, gourmet coffee and an a la carte menu will help you start the day with style.

14 Avenue Du 24-Août, Antibes, France, +49 365 9702

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Le Goût-Thé – Coffee Shop Antibes

Hot chocolates with seasonal decoration, fresh and flavorful smoothies, fresh orange juice and bagels, nougatine cookies, breakfast and lunch menus at reasonable prices, Le Goût-Thé is a brunch paradise. A great selection of coffees, teas and milkshakes, as well as homemade cakes make this lovely café a breakfast hotspot in town. The cozy and cool décor is definitely a bonus.

13 Rue Aubernon, Antibes, France, +33 04 92 95 72 15


The French cuisine at L’Atelier is never boring. The menu changes every week and the fresh homemade food will definitely exceed your expectations. Located behind the bus station alongside other small lunch places, you can have a seat on the terrace enjoying the warm sun or in the dining area inside. Traditional dishes, such as a salad with avocado and prawns, chicken with almonds and olives, a burger with goat cheese, strawberry mousse with Swiss cheese and a variety of traditional dishes create the ideal brunch menu.

1 traverse du 24 Aout, Antibes, France, +33 04 92 93 11 73

Blueberry Cheesecake © Brad Greenlee/Flickr
Blueberry Cheesecake | © Brad Greenlee/Flickr
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Lucky Break

Homemade pastries, a well stocked salad bar, fresh juices and homemade smoothies are available for you every day at Lucky Break. Delicious choices for breakfast or brunch are offered along with the café’s coffee speciality and homemade and freshly prepared pies. You will find this homely brunch spot in the old town at the heart of Antibes. Enjoy the authentic décor and the inviting setting while you are having the most delicious meal during your stay in Antibes.

16 Rue Aubernon, Antibes, France, +33 06 18 36 56 50

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Arts Thes Miss

A hidden gem in Antibes is the Arts Thes Miss. This lovely restaurant distinguishes itself with its coziness, its homely environment, the inviting and modern decoration and its organic cuisine. It is one of the best French restaurants in town, a few meters away from the tourist attractions, offering all the coziness and privacy you need to enjoy your breakfast or brunch. The organic food is definitely worth mentioning, and their cooking is without white grain flour or sugar, so its perfect for the gluten-intolerant or those who are dieting. They also organize an art event once a week, as well as conferences about food awareness.

19 Rue des Revennes, Antibes, France, +33 06 63 42 85 24

Choopy's Cupcakes & Coffee-shop

Cafe, Restaurant, Gluten-free, $$$
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Cupcakes | © Vanyr/Pixabay

Choopy’s Cupcakes & Coffee-shop

This little beauty is hidden in the center of Antibes and definitely worth a visit. Colorful cupcakes and freshly baked pastries, bagels, salads, wraps and breakfast and brunch menus are served in one of the cutest little cafés in the heart of Antibes. Choopy’s Cupcakes & Coffee shop is popular for its adorable décor and its lovely menu. Everything is fresh and homemade with lots of love and care. Freshly squeezed orange and apple juice, wonderful pancakes, menus for the little ones and excellent aromatic coffee make this local business a must for your daily coffee or breakfast dose.

16 Rue Vial, Antibes, France, +33 04 93 64 90 68

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Le Pimm’s

Le Pimm’s welcomes its guests in one of the most touristy and convenient areas of the city. Dedicated to French classics, this brasserie changes the menu every day, so every visit feels new. If the weather is fine, sit outside on one of their many cream table sets, spilling out into the square. If you love brasseries and their coziness, the brunch menu of Le Pimm’s is always a beautiful surprise before you start strolling around the city once again.

3 Rue de la Republique, Antibes, France, +33 04 93 34 04 88

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Fleur de café

If you love good food at reasonable prices in the center of the town, Fleur de Café is the right place for you. Here you will find one of the warmest welcomes in Antibes from the staff and the owner, a delightfully cheerful lady. Delicious and reasonably priced breakfast, a variety of jams, orange juice and aromatic tea flavors and coffee are served every morning. There are three breakfast menus to choose from, making your day even better. This little gem is a complete bonus to the lovely and inviting setting of Antibes, full of homely flavors and smiles.

2 Avenue du 24 Aout, Antibes, France, +33 04 93 34 43 89