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The 10 Best Bars In Grenoble, France
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The 10 Best Bars In Grenoble, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Grenoble, the capital of the department of Isère, is located in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France, nestled amid Alpine peaks. Don’t miss the nightlife in Grenoble; here, we list 10 of the best bars in the city.
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London Pub

This bar, popular with students at the university, is an energetic and fun spot for a night out. There’s two floors, where visitors can hang out with a drink or get up and dance to the eclectic mix of international hits and French rock music.

London Pub, 11 Rue Brocherie, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 44 41 90

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Le Barberousse

Shaped like a boat, this funky wood-paneled bar is cozy and welcoming. True to the nautical/pirate theme, Le Barberousse specializes in rum, offering more than 60 varieties of the liquor, including fruit-flavored rums.

Le Barberousse, 3 Rue Bayard, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 51 14 53

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Le Tord Boyaux

Enjoy a glass of wine at this lovely little wine bar, decorated with barrels and featuring many local wines from the region. The owner, Patrick, is always around to chat or to impart his extensive wine knowledge, and the overall ambiance of the bar is friendly.

Le Tord Bayoux, 4 Rue Auguste Gaché, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 44 18 90

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Le Couche Tard

This super-cool grungy bar has walls covered in graffiti done by revelers. The proprietors actively encourage patrons to contribute to the walls, so grab a drink (happy hour lasts until 10pm) and get drawing.

Le Couche Tard, 1 Rue du Palais, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 44 18 79

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Café de la Table Ronde

Enjoy a drink and some people-watching at this historic cafe (dating back to 1739) on Place St-André. Rousseau and Stendhal, among other writers and artists, as well as members of the French Resistance in World War II, used to frequent here.

Café de la Table Ronde, 7 Place St-André, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 44 51 41

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Le 365

Nibble on bar snacks like terrines, charcuterie, and cheese as you sip one of Le 365’s more than 40 wine varieties, available by the glass. With eclectic decor such as vintage bottles, antique oil paintings, and an assortment of candles, this is a casual and appealing place for a relaxing drink.

Le 365, 3 Rue Bayard, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 51 73 18

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Le Styx

Come to Le Styx for a sophisticated evening of elegantly rendered and creative top-shelf cocktails, ambient lighting, and live DJs. In good weather, the outdoor terrace is a popular spot to enjoy a tipple or two.

Le Styx, 6 Place Claveyson, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 24 21 06

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For an evening like no other, this always-interesting venue offers a rotating lineup of everything from live jazz to dance performances to opera to theater. To get to MC2, located a couple of kilometers from the city center, hop on tram line A and alight at the stop called ‘MC2 – Maison de la Culture’.

MC2, 4 Rue Paul Claudel, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 00 79 79

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La Soupe aux Choux

Open for more than 30 years, this live jazz club is a Grenoble institution. With everything from blues to swing music, there’s never a dull moment at this classic venue, the name of which translates to ‘cabbage soup’.

La Soupe aux Choux, 7 Rte de Lyon, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 87 05 67

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Put on your most fashionable garms for a night out at this lounge, where Grenoble’s most trendy denizens go to imbibe cocktails and chow down on tapas to the tune of hip DJs spinning tracks in the background.

momento, 2 Rue Beccaria, Grenoble, France, +33 4 76 26 21 59