Proof That French Is the Most Romantic Language in the World

French really is the language of love
French really is the language of love | © Vassil Tzvetanov / Flickr

“He loves me, he loves me not.” This game might seem silly, but it actually reveals a lot about the different approaches various countries have towards romance. The phrasings used by the French show a more intricate way of perceiving love, even when it comes to plucking daisies. The well-known, playful game “he loves me, he loves me not” tries to determine one’s romantic fate by picking at flower petals and reciting silly verses. In English, you’re left with the binary “yes” or “no.” In French, however, this game is called effeuiller la marguerite (“plucking the daisy”) and offers a range of responses, illustrating how their approach to romance is much more nuanced, and sophisticated.

The French connect to romance on many different levels

He loves me a bit

In France, the first prediction in this game is “Il m’aime un peu,” which means “He loves me a bit.” If you land on this answer, then the odds for the relationship aren’t so favorable. You’d be best to keep on looking.

He loves me a lot

The second possible option is “Il m’aime beaucoup,” which means “He loves me a lot.” If someone gives you this answer then the odds are pretty good, potentially even great.

Daisy games aside, what’s not so great is “Il m’aime bien.” While “beaucoup” and “bien” are often thought to be pretty much on par, it’s definitely better if someone says “Je t’aime beaucoup” and not “Je t’aime bien.”

Plucking daisies might not sway the result, but a bouquet just might

He loves me passionately

Things start to heat up by the third potential prediction, which is “Il m’aime passionnément.” This means “He loves me passionately” and is solid proof that love is in the air.

He loves me crazily

The highest affirmation of romance in this game is “Il m’aime à la folie,” which means “He loves me crazily.” If you land on this, then you might have found your perfect match. Marriage may well be on the cards.

Could the lucky Il m’aime à la folie petal means wedding bells will ring?

He doesn’t love me at all

The French are teasers, and so they finish with one last prediction, of “Il m’aime pas du tout,” which means “He doesn’t love me at all.” This is definitely the worst pick of the lot.

The odds are better in French

Of course, in English, you can cheat by picking a flower with an odd number of petals, so that “he loves me” always wins. In French, however, the winning answer is harder to predict, as there are five possibilities. The odds are much better, though, as a greater number of the options are favorable.
The difference between these approaches shows that the French language is richer when it comes to romance, it’s more complex, whereas English is stricter, opting for a simple “yes” or “no.” It looks like French really is the most romantic language in the world.

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