Lille’s Prettiest Parks You Should Visit

Dawn at Lille Park | ©Aku Seru/Flickr
Dawn at Lille Park | ©Aku Seru/Flickr
Photo of Shyla Watson
9 February 2017

Although Lille is the fifth largest city in France, the metropolis is not known for its urban areas. What does make it popular, however, are the luxuriant green parks and gardens that make up the most of the city. Read our list to discover the prettiest parks to visit in Lille, France.

Dawn at Lille Park | ©Aku Seru/Flickr

Parc de Loisirs de la Citadelle

Fun kid’s park

Spanning over 70 hectares, Parc de Loisirs de la Citadelle is both Lille’s largest park, and largest green area. With so much space, the park has filled up with many fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. There is a large playground for kids, including a carousel and safe, state of the art structures. There is a small work out area with exercise equipment, although many people choose to jog around the track or walk the numerous paths. Parc de Loisirs de la Citadelle is most notable for housing the city zoo, which is free to enter and has nearly 500 animals. Even if you don’t engage in any of the park’s activities, it’s still a vast open space where you can have a picnic or curl up under a tree with your favorite book.

Parc de Loisirs de la Citadelle, 1 Avenue Mathias Delobel Lille, FR, +33 3 20 54 81 11

Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas | ©Damien Roué/FlickrParc Jean-Baptiste Lebas | ©Damien Roué/Flickr

Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas

Beautiful city park

Although significantly smaller than Lille’s Parc de Loisirs de la Citadelle, Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas is still 3 hectares in size. It features a children’s playground with games, bowling greens, bicycle paths, walking trails, and more. However, the park is known for its beautiful botany, including large chestnut trees, rose gardens, and many lovely flowerbeds scattered across the garden. Don’t be surprised if you notice photographers, painters, and sketchers trying to capture the beauty that Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas beholds. Be sure to note that while people may enjoy the park in a variety of ways, dogs are strictly prohibited, as are any motor vehicles.

Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas, 21 Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas Lille, FR, +33 3 20 49 50 00

People Enjoying Jardin Vauban | ©Olivier Duquesne/FlickrPeople Enjoying Jardin Vauban | ©Olivier Duquesne/Flickr

Jardin Vauban

English-styled garden

Venture off to the pleasant, English countryside when you visit Jardin Vauban. The park is arranged in the typical fashion of an English garden and provides a romantic, serene place to visit in the heart of Lille. Walk along the winding paths and stumble upon a quaint duck pond, or hide away in one of the shallow caves. The garden once featured a small farm cottage, but it has since been converted into a marionette theatre for children. For a small fee, kids’ and their families can enjoy an original performance! Along with the puppet masters, performers of all kinds come out of the woodwork, including musicians, clowns, and jugglers.

Jardin Vauban, 1 Boulevard Vauban Lille, FR, +33 3 20 49 50 00

Parc Matisse | ©Bruno Parmentier/FlickrParc Matisse | ©Bruno Parmentier/Flickr

Parc Matisse

Painter’s park

Built in the late 20th century at roughly 8 hectares in size, this is one of the newest and most contemporary parks in Lille; it is named after the famous French artist Henri Matisse. The park allows for incredible views of the city, and is a great place to enjoy a picnic with the family, a fun game of sport, or a midnight stroll. Parc Matisse includes numerous benches, pleasant walking and biking paths, as well as a giant fountain in the park’s center. If you ever need some fresh air or a quiet place to think, Parc Matisse is a fantastic option located right in your neighborhood.

Parc Matisse, Place Francois Mittérrand Lille, FR, +33 3 20 49 50 00

Carousel at Parc des Dondaines | ©Jännick Jérémy/FlickrCarousel at Parc des Dondaines | ©Jännick Jérémy/Flickr

Parc des Dondaines

Adventure park

Established on the outskirts of the city, this Lille park is 4.5 hectares of fun. Like other parks in the city, Parc des Dondaines features pleasant walking paths, open green space, beautiful views, and more. So, what makes this park stand out from all the others? Well, Parc des Dondaines has a full-fledged amusement park! All throughout the year, kids enjoy everything from a casual playground of slides and swings to a thrilling ride on one of Dondaines’ many rollercoasters. Hop on a ride for a screaming good time, or relax and enjoy a quaint ride around the carousel. After a few hours of fun, the family can enjoy a lovely summer picnic out on the green.

Parc des Dondaines, 19 Rue Eugéne Jacquet Lille, FR, +33 3 20 49 50 00

By: Shyla Watson

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