Check Out France's Top TED Talks

Catherine Wyatt

France is not short of intellectual talent, as these TED Talks demonstrate: from love to war, we take you through some of the best TED Talks given by French speakers (in English).


Janine di Giovanni: What I saw in the war

Parisian Janine di Giovanni has traveled around the world to war zones. She has been to Bosnia, Syria, Palestine, always telling the human story of war. Don’t miss this award winning journalist’s tales from the battlefield.

Thomas Piketty: New thoughts on capital in the twenty-first century

Professor at the Paris School of Economics, Thomas Piketty is undoubtedly a clever man. So when he tells us that economic inequality can not only have catastrophic harms, but that it is getting worse, it’s time to listen.

Matthieu Ricard: How to let altruism be your guide

French Buddist monk Matthieu Ricard is a happiness researcher — he can teach us all how to be a bit more happy. In this talk, Ricard tells us how altruism can be a guiding force for good in our lives.

Yann Dall’Aglio: Love – you’re doing it wrong

In the world’s most romantic city (Paris), philosopher Dall’Aglio presented a talk on the state of modern love, and how meaningful connections between individuals can still be found and maintained.

Sarah Kaminsky: My father the forger

In this inspiring talk, Sarah Kaminsky tells the tale of her father, Adolfo Kaminsky, an Argentinian who served the French Resistance during World War II, saving thousands of Jewish families in the process.

Yves Morieux: How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done

Next time your boss barks another order at you, get them to watch this talk. Yves Morieux describes how rules, guidelines, metrics and targets at work can harm the very thing they try to improve: progress.

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