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French Bistro | © star5112/Flickr
French Bistro | © star5112/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Le Touquet, France

Picture of Jessica Woodward
Updated: 9 February 2017
Once a meeting place for some of the most renowned 20th century British figures, including Oscar Wilde and Noël Coward, the seaside resort of Le Touquet now mainly caters to an affluent French clientele. This stylish destination has many pleasures to offer, most especially these 10 great local restaurants.
French toast with strawberries at Le Pain Quotidian
French toast with strawberries at Le Pain Quotidian | © Christine Chau/FLickr
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Westminster Hotel

The four-star Westminster Hotel has been considered the pinnacle of chic since its construction in 1924. Recently described as, ‘the last grand luxury hotel in Le Touquet and the North of France’, it is a nostalgic throwback to the opulent flavor of the town’s early days. There are two restaurants in the hotel, both of which are overseen by Michelin-star-winning chef, William Elliott. The more formal Le Pavillon offers cutting-edge seafood dishes in a traditional, richly upholstered setting, complemented by artwork from Tamara de Lempicka. Les Cimaises, meanwhile, is a slightly less expensive, casual option where guests can choose from two mountainous buffets, prepared ‘live’ in the open kitchen.

Westminster Hotel & Spa, Avenue du Verger, 62520 Le Touquet, France +33 3 21 05 48 48

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Flavio has served up top-quality meat, salads and seafood since 1949. Revered across the region for pioneering lobster creations, it is an exciting place for shellfish fans, especially during the holiday period when chef Guy Delmotte usually debuts his latest crustacean innovation. Menus are updated regularly and one of the more exciting options is to opt for the ‘Menu “Surprise”‘, a concoction based on Delmotte’s secret selection. The Flavio franchise also includes a Bistro, offering a more informal venue for breakfast or brunch, and a boutique where visitors can purchase the finest groceries, baked goods and wine.

Flavio, 1-2 Avenue du Verger, 62520 Le Touquet, France +33 3 21 05 10 22

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Le Jardin

Scenic, rustic and seasonal, Le Jardin lives up to its namesake, which translates to ‘The Garden’. It provides an extensive selection of traditional rural French dishes including steaks, escargots, foie gras and appetizing sweet crêpes for dessert. Now, in its second generation as one of Le Touquet’s most popular restaurants, it has garnered many plaudits, including the prestigious national title of Maître Restaurateur. Its parkland location is ideal for dining out the front, to experience a pleasant view and for visiting the casino that inspired Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, located just a few steps away.

Le Jardin, Place de l’Hermitage, 62520 Le Touquet, France +33 3 21 05 16 34

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