Top Museums In Carcassonne, France

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One of the most famous medieval cities in the world, Carcassonne is a picturesque fortified city in the south of France. Carcassonne not only features stunning architectural marvels like its many watchtowers and fortifications, the city also welcomes its visitors with a variety of cultural activities. Boasting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the medieval city and the canal du Midi – Carcassonne has various museums and galleries that are worth checking out.

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1. Musée de l'École - School Museum

Museum, School

Sewing Class with Ms Epshtein at the Hebrew Reali School
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One of the most unique and original museums in town, the School museum will take you back in time with its old desks and school stories, showing what going to school in France has been like in different periods. This educational museum features a historic school setting and old-fashioned classrooms. It only costs three euros and it offers an exciting experience for those interested in history and education. During your visit you’ll be able to use old pens and try to correct your handwriting using the methods that were used in the past.

2. Mémoires du Moyen Âge - History Museum


Dive deep into all the aspects of the medieval history of the magnificent city of Carcassonne. The guides here know everything about the Medieval period so they will surprise you with many stories and interesting facts about what went on during that time. You’ll learn about the secrets behind the construction of the city and the castle and its walls. With the use of models and tiny reproductions of the city the museums shows visitors how the fortified city handled attacks from enemies and how it protected its citizens. These models are animated and even reproduce different sounds and effects. You will also be able to experience how some of the weapons were used. This is an ideal museum to visit with children.

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