The Best Things to Do with Kids in Brittany

Breton outfits | © gln / Pixabay
Breton outfits | © gln / Pixabay
Brittany offers up a whole host of fun events, activities and natural sites to explore with kids. From mile upon mile of coastline to play with to a rich heritage to engage in, here are our top picks from all over the region for a family-fun holiday in Brittany.


A large aquarium just outside of Brest that will delight your kids. There’s a shark tank, Indian ocean area, tropical greenhouse and more with interactive games for children and informative posts. Sometimes, you should let a venue do the hard work for you when you’re on a holiday and Océanopolis does exactly that. Great on-site brasseries (you’re in France after all) so you can explore, re-fuel and explore some more. Tickets start from €13.35.

Océanopolis © Alex Brown / Flickr

La Vallee des Saints

This incredible Valley of the Saints will really wow the kids and wow the parents who can treat it like Brittany’s version of Easter Island… Giant statues of Breton saints punctuate the beautiful landscape in an historic site really quite like no other. La Vallee des Saints is the vision of French philosopher, Philippe Abjean, and each year another statue added to the collection (there are currently around 50) with the aim of growing this unique collection to 1000.

La Vallee des Saints © Serge Louvel / Flickr

Île de Bréhat

What’s not exciting about a holiday within a holiday? Bréhat island lies a mile off the northern coast of Brittany and is a gorgeous getaway (not that you’ll need one!) There’s a frequent boat connection from Arcouest on the mainland and the crossing is a speedy 10 minutes, quick enough for even the most impatient little travellers. Once on the island, there are various hiking trails and sandy coves to explore. The tide mill (Le moulin à marée du Birlot) is in a particularly pretty spot.

Île de Bréhat © Romain TALON / Flickr

Village de Poul-Fetan

Travel back in Breton time to the 1800s at this beautifully reconstructed village. There are many workshops set up throughout the week by craftsmen, bakers and more. There’s story telling, bread-making, re-creations from the Gallic period… a real treat for all the family. Take a picnic (or eat at the cafe) and enjoy a fun day out.


What’s more exciting than a great big castle to visit? Fort-le-Latte is kiddie heaven… This 14th century castle was a military fortress, royal residential castle and political base during the War of the Breton Succession beginning in the 1340s. To visit, it is a complete delight with an advantageous position perched on the Brittany cliffs, beautiful gardens and ramparts. And of course, being in Brittany, you can even view it from the sea if you’re hiring a kayak from a nearby beach. Children under four visit for free.

Fort-la-Latte © Uwe Brodrecht / Flickr

Alignements de Carnac

Dating back to the Neolithic period, the Carnac stones are pretty magical. Covering a vast area and grouped in varying patterns, they’ve been listed as an historic monument of France since the 19th century and are perfect morning/afternoon out to make with your little ones, who can freely explore fields of stones. Moreover, the entry is free for under 18s, making it a budget-friendly outing for parents.

Carnac Stones © Frederic_Mahe / Pixabay

Hit the waves

Brittany is the natural playground for kids. By boasting a third of France’s entire coastline, one thing you won’t be short of is sand, sea and a hell of a lot of it! Whichever part of Brittany you’re visiting, head to the coast and enjoy the sea. From surfing to kayaking sessions, there’s endless fun for your kiddies out on the waves. If a simple beach day is more of what you’re looking for, then check out our pick of Brittany’s best beaches, perfect for sandcastles and ice creams.

Surfing spots in Brittany © Chiara / Flickr


Fest-Noz means ‘night festival’ in Breton and is exactly that: a traditional, ancient festival dating back to the Middle Ages. Traditional music, dance and general festivities including food and events are held everywhere over Brittany and it’s the perfect family-friendly event to attend with little ones. Held throughout the year, you’ll be sure to find one which matches the dates of your trip, especially during the summer months.

Fest-Noz © muffinn / Flickr