Awesome Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want to Visit Bordeaux

Beautiful view of the Chaban Delmas Bridge|© Grand Parc/WikiCommons
Beautiful view of the Chaban Delmas Bridge|© Grand Parc/WikiCommons
Artists bring their personal and unique spin to life, and challenge the perceptions we have of our living spaces. The following photographers showcase Bordeaux’s indisputable beauty in unique ways.


Marie’s (@marietchin) photography captures the diversity of Bordeaux and every picture is a special tale of the city and is full of life. This amazing photo was taken at the Miroir d’Eau, Bordeaux’s most popular attraction.

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In the heart of the Cité du Vin

Jean’s (@poutge) photographs of Bordeaux are characterized by incredible aesthetics and great scenery. In this photograph, he shows a very original outlook of the gorgeous Cité du Vin.


Sylvie (@syl_nl) distinguishes herself with her pure and perfectly crafted photographs that are a fantastic hommage to Bordeaux and its surroundings. This stunning picture was taken at the iconic Dune du Pilat in the Arcachon Bay.

• Encore un matin… . . . . #

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Under the bridge

The few people who still have doubts about the quality of the pictures that smartphones can take, should check out @familleguiguiche. Stéphane’s colorful pictures beautifully showcase the city’s grandeur.

Bright nights, city lights

As you go through @keig33‘s Instagram account, you will discover a different aspect of Bordeaux. This photograph was taken during the Agora Bordeaux art festival in fall 2017.

Art de nuit ✨ #bdxlive #agorabordeaux

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Natural beauty

Eric’s (@rickyworld) pictures are atypical, as they feature the beauty of the Aquitaine’s natural spaces while integrating people, which creates a perfect harmony.

Wild thoughts

The Instagram account of @theo.ox is a reflection of the passions of a 19-year-old super-talented photographer who introduces us to the city’s unexplored territories and its urban culture.

Follow the light

Catch some of the most beautiful landscapes on @allfortofphotographie‘s Instagram account. His ability to catch natural light and colors is remarkable.

Ligne de fuite

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Live energy

The electric energy of the talented musicians who come to perform and share their art in Bordeaux’s concert hall comes through in each of Laurent’s ( photographs.

The Hook, Pessac (France), Sortie 13, 2017.10.28

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