10 Places to Buy Souvenirs in Montpellier

Montpellier Streets
Montpellier Streets | | © Sabin Paul Croce / Flickr

Montpellier is a young, hip city and not afraid to flaunt it. This means that searching for souvenirs from a city trip has never been easier. Lose yourself in Montpellier’s old town, head towards the city’s open-air mall or navigate your way towards a local market. Here’s our pick of the top 10 places to find perfect souvenirs that will remind you of your trip to Montpellier for years to come.

1. Halles Castellane

Market, French, Mediterranean

© Christophe.Finot / WikiCommons

Montpellier’s main – and recently renovated – covered marketplace is definitely worth an hour to browse for some local (and delicious) souvenirs. Inside you’ll find a little of everything you’d expect from the south of France: cheese, meats, bread, olives, local Languedoc wine. For a souvenir for a foodie and to sample a true French shopping experience, Halles Castellane is a must.

2. En Traits Libres

Art Gallery

En Traits Libres is a venue that mirrors Montpellier’s art-filled atmosphere. It is used by local artists to create and sell their work. There is an ever-changing collection of paintings, illustrations, drawings and more, so if you want to pick up unique souvenirs from Montpellier’s creative art scene, this is the place to go.

3. Le Polygone

Shopping Mall

© jean-louis Zimmermann / Flickr

Home to both Galeries Lafayette and Monoprix, Le Polygone is a centrally located shopping mall providing many well-known high-street names. Galeries Lafayette is ideal for quintessentially French fashion and Monoprix is the place to go to discover delicious French produce to take home for friends and family.

4. La Provence


This is a classic souvenir shop located in the heart of the old town, that has everything you would expect from a souvenir store: postcards displayed at the door, Provençal and Catalan ceramics, homewares and small gifts, all displayed in the colourful windows and inside this beautiful little shop. There always seems to be something discounted, too, so you’re bound to pick up a bargain.

5. Odysseum

Shopping Mall

© jean-louis Zimmermann / Flickr

Odysseum lies to the southeast of the city centre and is a large open-air shopping centre that also has numerous restaurants and cafés, so if you are looking for multiple well-known shops all in one place, and under the Mediterranean sun too, then Odysseum is a good place to spend a few hours. Access this shopping destination via the tram (line 1, stop Odysseum) or bus (line 9, stop Odysseum).

6. Le Boutik’r de Montpellier


This is really the only ‘traditional’ souvenir shop in Montpellier. Located on one of the main, leafy boulevards of the city, Le Boutik’r stocks everything keepsake-related, from postcards, calendars and tea towels to foodie items, pottery and novelties. This is a good place to start if you are looking for regional souvenirs to take home.

7. Marché Paysan d’Antigone

Market, French, Mediterranean

© Wolfgang Staudt / Flickr

Each Sunday morning, Avenue Samuel-Champlain plays host to a traditional ‘peasant market’, organised by the sellers themselves. Here you’ll find everything local and regional, and if you’re looking to bring back a bottle of wine as a souvenir, this is the place to head to. The Antigone district is a really interesting area of Montpellier to discover, so when better than on market day?

8. Marché aux Puces du Peyrou


© Isabelle Blanchemain / Flickr

One of our favourite of Montpellier’s markets, this is held on the Place du Peyrou every Sunday. From textiles to books, jewellery to general antiques, this is the market to get your hands on some authentic French trinkets that your family and friends will surely love.

Head to Montpellier’s main high street

Rue de la Loge is Montpellier’s ultimate high street. Starting at Place de la Comédie, it is a long, straight street that leads right into the heart of Écusson. Browse well-known labels and brands, as well as a number of independent boutiques. Place Jean Jaurès sits near the top of this street; the perfect south-of-France square to have a glass of something refreshing and take a moment to relax.

Rue de la Loge, Montpellier, France

Meander around the historic Écusson quarter

Montpellier’s old town, Écusson, has every kind of shop from traditional souvenirs and fashion, to interior design, artisan, art and more. For a souvenir that reflects the artistic flair and carefree attitude of Montpellier, browse the smaller, independent stores, where you’ll find local produce, hand-made homewares and regional items. There are honestly too many gorgeous shops to highlight, but a few of our favourites are Les petits papiers de Flo (stationery store), Azimuts Librairie BD Comics Manga (comic book store) and La Fine Mouche (cheese shop).

Les petits papiers de Flo, 9 Rue Vallat, 34000 Montpellier, France

Azimuts, 13 Rue Saint-Guilhem, 34000 Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 66 35 81

La Fine Mouche, 12 Rue Sainte-Anne, 34000 Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 54 70 47


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