10 of Bordeaux's Top Cinemas

Let is roll!|Noom Peerapong/Unsplash
Let is roll!|Noom Peerapong/Unsplash | Noom Peerapong |Unsplash
Photo of Jennifer Migan
19 September 2017

Getting rainy weather while on holiday is never fun, but luckily we have a backup plan. Bordeaux is rich in culture, with a lot of museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas. Whether you’re in the mood for a blockbuster or an independent movie, Bordeaux movie theatres feature all kinds of genres, and we’ve rounded up the best cinemas to catch a screening.

Mégarama Bordeaux

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Megarama Bordeaux
Megarama Bordeaux | Jennifer Migan
Located in the former Gare d’Orléans train station, the Mégarama Bordeaux is the city’s biggest cinema. With 17 movie rooms, here you can enjoy the latest rom-coms or blockbusters in 3D in a very spacious environment, also accessible for disabled people. If you’re renting a car, you can park in the secured parking lot for up to three hours for free.

Méga CGR Le Français

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Inside the movie theatre
Inside the movie theatre | © Jake Hills/Unsplash
The Méga CGR Le Français is only a few steps away from the splendid Cours de l’intendance and you will certainly be amazed by the building’s incredible architecture. This magnificent place used to be a theatre and the luxurious décor will make you wonder if you’re in a cinema or a museum. Although most films shown are in French, this cinema’s grandeur and beautiful interior make the visit worthwhile.

Utopia Saint Siméon

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Cinema Utopia Bordeaux
Cinema Utopia Bordeaux | © Mertxe Iturrioz/Flickr
The Utopia Saint Siméon is famous for its excellent and eclectic selection of films. Come and discover (or rediscover) some of the most acclaimed movies and directors from independent, Nouvelle Vague and other genres, but also very talented but unknown directors from all over the world. The Utopia is located in the centre of Bordeaux and the ticket rates vary from €4 to €7.5.

Attend a film festival

If you’re visiting Bordeaux this fall, you’re in luck! One of the best things about this city is that there are constantly excellent cultural events happening around town. Attend the Festival du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux (FIFIB), from October 18-25, which celebrates independent movies, and meet different actors taking part in this fantastic project. If independent cinema isn’t your thing, there’s Les Nuits Magiques festival, running from November 29 to December 10, that features a worldwide selection of animated films. If you’re looking for something more original, you could also check out Cinopsy’s, which looks at how psychology and psychotherapy are portrayed in movies.

Gaumont Talence Universités Bordeaux

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Talence is a very student-friendly city
Talence is a very student-friendly city | © Prométhée33/WikiCommons
You won’t miss a single blockbuster at the Gaumont Talence Universités Bordeaux movie theatre. This place is known for showing most of the big international productions and you can reach it very easily by tram. Because it is very popular, it can get very crowded, especially at night or when a very anticipated movie comes out. We recommend coming early in order to secure your seat, or during work hours if you’re more of a last-minute type of planner.

Kino Session

What an original concept! Kino Session is an organisation that supports creativity and collective action. Each time a film is shown in this atypical venue, a theme is chosen by the audience for the next session. From that moment, everyone is welcome to produce their own short film (no longer than five minutes), which will be shown at the next screening, eight weeks later. That is a formidable way to discover local artists, or, if you are in Bordeaux for a while and are in the movie industry, a great opportunity to present your work in a laid-back environment.

Kino Session,

Le Festival

Le Festival is a gem of the region’s cultural scene. Located slightly outside of Bordeaux, this family-friendly cinema is perfect for those who love animation movies and special effects. Le Festival cinema frequently organises events and carefully curates original movies that will delight fans of the genre, and which are the perfect introduction for neophytes.

Hermey the elf and Rudolph from the animated movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer | © Rankin Bass/WikiCommons | Rankin Bass|WikiCommons

Le Ciné Théâtre Girondin

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Ciné Théâtre Le Girondin
Ciné Théâtre Le Girondin | © Symac / Sylvain Machefer/WikiCommons
You won’t watch a single movie in Le Ciné Théâtre Girondin, but you should make a halt and admire this architectural masterpiece. Built in 1919, in the aftermath of World War I, you will be enchanted by the meticulous work done on the mosaics of the stunning façade and the exceptional stained glasswork. After the cinema was closed it was transformed into a market, then turned into a residential building.

Bonus feature: A Bout de Souffle

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A Bout de Souffle original release poster
A Bout de Souffle original release poster | www.affichescinema.com/Wiki Commons
Back in the day, posters were used to tease our imagination about an upcoming movie. If today they have been replaced by trailers that give away most of the plot, some people still believe film posters help people connect with the movie. While in Bordeaux, pay a visit to A Bout de Souffle, a brilliant shop (and hommage to Godard’s cult movie), and choose from a large selection of posters, from some of the most iconic films, but also new ones.