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10 Amazing Things To Do And See In Toulouse

10 Amazing Things To Do And See In Toulouse
Among other things, Toulouse is known for being the capital city of the southwestern region in France, sitting along the banks of the famous River Garonne and serving as the headquarters for European space study. However, it’s also a great place to visit with lots to see and explore. There are countless churches, museums, and gardens that make Toulouse an incredible city. Read our list to discover the best things to do and see in Toulouse.
Basilique Saint Sernin de Toulouse ©kristobalite/Flickr

Basilica of Saint Sernin

Significant Toulouse church

This grand basilica is a landmark in the city of Toulouse, and has often been labeled one of the greatest churches in France. Located just a five-minute walk from the city square, this historic church is definitely worth a visit. The architecture is superb, and the interior design and art are stunning. When the church is unoccupied, take a guided tour to hear all about the fascinating histories while getting a view of the grounds, or attend a service and hear the organs play.

Price: Budget

Opening Hours: 8:30am-7:00pm Monday-Sunday

Watch out for: services taking place

Address and Telephone: 13 Place Saint Sernin Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 21 80 45

Le Capitole de Toulouse ©Jean Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr

Capitole de Toulouse

Square in city center

This lively city square is just the place to feel at home in Toulouse because it’s where all the people are. The large courtyard hosts farmers markets, roaming art exhibitions, and even weddings. It’s surrounded by little places for shopping, as well as cafés and restaurants for a bite to eat. The opera house and city hall are close by, so there’s always activity. Pop over to the square to people watch because you never know what you might see.

Watch out for: best in late afternoon or evening

Address and Telephone: Square Charles de Gaulle Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 11 02 22

Musée des Augustins ©Pierre Metivier/Flickr

Musée des Augustins

Musée des Augustins
Musée des Augustins | © pistolero31/Flickr
Fine art museum If you’re an art lover, this museum has everything you could ever want – sculptures, paintings, and special collections galore. See Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance pieces spanning over multiple centuries, and there’s even modern art from the 20th century. The museum is located next to the Augustins Convent, which has a beautiful church, cloister with garden, and unique architecture. This is one place in Toulouse where everything from the location to the interior to the entire building itself are all exquisite. Price: Budget Opening Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Wednesday-Monday Watch out for: workshops and a fairytale writing course
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Muséum d’Historie Naturelles Toulouse ©oMeChaNiCal/Flickr

Muséum d’historie Naturelle de Toulouse

Natural history museum

Toulouse is home to many museums, most of which display beautiful art or the history of the city. It’s great to learn about the city’s culture, but why not broaden the scope? The natural history museum is the best place to go to learn about the relationship between nature and man, evolution, and the Earth itself. Follow the history of man and how we came to be by looking at what was, what is, what will be, and how it all happened. Enjoy exhibits about space, science and technology, animals, and more.

Price: Budget

Opening Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Tuesday-Sunday

Watch out for: interactive exhibits

Address and Telephone: 35 Alleys Guesde Toulouse, France, +33 05 67 73 84 84

Pont Neuf Violet ©jacme31/Flickr

Pont Neuf

City bridge over river

Pont Neuf is famous for being the oldest bridge in the city of Toulouse, erected in the late 16th century. Because of the lovely views, many people often use it to take strolls or ride their bikes on a nice day. Along the bridge are historical facts about its construction. The bridge spans across the Garonne River, which is about 375 miles long, connecting multiple cities, and the river itself offers fun activities such as driving an electric boat or paddle boating.

Watch out for: colored lights illuminating the bridge

Address and Telephone: Pont Neuf Toulouse, France, +33 05 62 26 09 74

Jardin Japonais in Toulouse ©-M-ric/Flickr

Jardin Japonais

Pleasant Japanese garden

This peaceful garden is the epitome of zen. Walk around and enjoy the scents of the array of beautiful flowers. There is also a bright red moon bridge, stone garden, tea pavilion, and more on the premises. If you look up in the trees or down in the lake, you’ll also see a variety of wildlife, including koi fish, turtles, frogs, and birds. There are many benches and seating areas to sit, reflect, and take in all of the amazing surroundings.

Price: Budget

Opening Hours: 7:45am-9:00pm Monday-Sunday

Watch out for: a wandering cat

Address and Telephone: 19 Boulevard Lascrosses Toulouse, France, +33 05 62 27 48 48

Foundation Bemberg ©Bastien Milanese/Flickr

Foundation Bemberg

Mansion turned art gallery

Located in the Hôtel d’Assézat, a 16th century palace, sits the Bemberg Foundation. It houses the personal collection of Georges Bemberg, a wealthy Argentine living in France. The collection features sketches and drawings, paintings, and sculptures. There is also furniture and old books, and the art itself highlights work from some of the most famous artists from the impressionist and post-impressionist periods.

Price: Budget

Opening Hours: 10:00am-12:30pm then 1:30pm-6:00pm Tuesday-Sunday

Watch out for: architecture of the building

Address and Telephone: Place d’Assézat Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 12 06 89

Performance at Theatre du Capitole ©Bulle Carrée/Flickr

Theatre du Capitole

House of performing arts

If you’re looking for some entertainment, avoid the typical movie theatre or concert and try something a little bit more sophisticated with a visit to the Theatre du Capitole. This French theater holds many ballet and opera performances. It’s a small, but elegant space with comfortable seats and good acoustics, and the theatre is located in the administration building of city hall. Enjoy a lovely evening of high-class entertainment at the opera house.

Price: Mid-Range

Opening Hours: 10:00am-1:00pm then 2:00pm-5:45pm

Watch out for: ticket sales

Address and Telephone: Place du Capitole Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 22 31 31

Musée Saint-Raymond ©Carole Raddato/Flickr

Musée Saint Raymond

Museum of antiquities

Established in 1891, this museum houses many exquisite antiques – if you like Roman art, this is the place to visit. An early Christian necropolis, or large ancient cemetery, was discovered in the basement during excavation which contains many inscriptions and crypts. There are also many finds from the Chiragan Villa, including busts, bronzes, and more. If you’re looking for art and artifacts from ancient times, Musée Saint Raymond is the place to go.

Price: Budget

Opening Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Monday-Sunday

Watch out for: mosaics

Address and Telephone: 1 Ter Place Saint Sernin Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 22 31 44

Couvent des Jacobins ©Stéphane Goldstein/Flickr

Couvent des Jacobins

Quiet city oasis

Built in 1229, this Dominican monastery is truly lovely and is a great place for peace and quiet. Come relax in the tranquil environment while enjoying the southern gothic architecture. The cloister is beautiful, with a fresh, green garden in the center. Many people will often pay the small fee, which is more of a donation to the church, to enter the courtyard and read, have a quiet conversation, or even sit and reflect in solitude. Plus, the adjacent church is also quite exquisite and worth a visit.

Price: Budget

Opening Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Tuesday-Sunday

Watch out for: back entrance for the cloister

Address and Telephone: Parvis des Jacobins Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 22 23 82