Wish You Could Bottle Up Your Favourite Landscapes? This Man Can

Wish You Could Bottle Up Your Favourite Landscapes? This Man Can
Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that you just wish you could bottle up that moment and bring it home with you? Well, this talented photographer decided to take this idea to the next level – here’s how.
'Old Tjikko' © Christoffer Relander 2009-2016

It was the childhood dream of Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander to collect his most treasured landscapes in Finland, memories of where he grew up. He came up with the genius idea of literally ‘preserving’ these environments in jars through the use of double exposure photography. The series is aptly called Jarred & Displaced.

'Childhood home' © Christoffer Relander 2009-2016

“For over a year now I’ve been collecting landscapes in jars using analog double exposures,” Relander explained. “I play with the idea of being an ambitious collector; conserving my environments and incorporating them into a large personal collection. Most landscapes are of the countryside in the south of Finland, where my roots still lie. Separation anxiety from my childhood is simply what absorbed me into this project.”

'Reed' © Christoffer Relander 2009-2016

With analogue multiple exposures, Relander can manipulate his images in-camera – none of it was done afterwards using software such as Photoshop, which makes his photography even more impressive.

'Forest' © Christoffer Relander 2009-2016

“All double exposures are shot on medium format film that I develop and scan myself,” he explained. “I print pigment prints on museum-quality paper, which are available in limited editions.”

'Path' © Christoffer Relander 2009-2016

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