The Best Places To Buy Souvenirs In Rovaniemi, Finland

Find unique Christmas decorations and other souvenirs in Rovaniemi
Find unique Christmas decorations and other souvenirs in Rovaniemi | © Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay
Photo of Jessica Wood
27 April 2018

Rovaniemi is quickly becoming one of the top travel destinations for families in Lapland, and of course visitors want to take home souvenirs to prove that they have met Santa, stood at the Arctic Circle and braved the frozen north. But they will also want something more unique and of higher quality than the same old souvenirs found in the standard gift shops. These are some of the best places in Rovaniemi for finding special gifts.

Lappish products at Arktikum

The Arktikum museum not only hosts informative exhibits about the wildlife and culture of Lapland, but also selects some of the best Lappish products to sell in its shop. This includes food, photo prints, arts and crafts, clothing, accessories, jewellery, books, knives, kitchenware, stationery and much more with new products arriving in the shop all the time. Of particular note are the authentic Sami handicrafts and items made from reindeer bones, antlers and hides. Reindeer-skin gloves are especially good at keeping out the cold of the harsh Lapland winter.

Lappish themed Christmas decorations | © Bennilover / Flickr

Local culture at Korundi Shop

The Korundi House of Culture sells many items created by the various artisans who perform or display their work in the cultural centre. This includes handmade jewellery, books, CDs, postcards, health foods, handicrafts and a lot more. It is a great shop to both support local artisans and find a taste of local Lapland culture.

Artwork from Korundi House of Culture | © Ilkka Jukarainen / Flickr

Traditional crafts at Lauri Handicraft Shop

One of Rovaniemi’s most popular handicraft shops almost doubles as a museum of beautiful local works of art. On the shelves you can find such items as reindeer fur boots, Christmas decorations and leather bags. All of these items are handmade, some of them on the premises and most by local Sami artisans using sustainable materials, traditional techniques and stunning patterns.

Reindeer fur boots from Lauri Handicraft Shop | © Lauri Handicraft Shop

Knives from Marttiini

Marttiini has been making knives in Rovaniemi since 1928 and now sells all over the world. The company has two shops in Rovaniemi, one in the Santa Claus Village next to the post office and one in the Rinteenkulma shopping centre. The old factory building also has a museum and a small shop. At each of these stores, you can buy high-quality Finnish ‘puukko’ knives, hunting knives, fishing knives and kitchen knives, some with traditional Lappish decorations.

A Marttiini puukko knife | © Derek White / Flickr

Letters from the Santa Claus Post Office

The Santa Claus Village may at first appear to be a somewhat stereotypical place to find souvenirs, but you can actually find many one-of-a-kind gifts there. The post office is staffed by Santa’s elf helpers and sells unique stamps and cards, including limited edition Finnish stamps. You can also write a letter from the office and mail it anywhere in the world with the authentic postmark of the Santa Claus Post Office.

View of the Santa Claus Post Office | © Cédric Puisney / WikiCommons

Dolls from the Arctic Doll Factory

If you collect dolls, you can add one to your collection from the Arctic Doll Factory, which has manufactured over 1 million dolls in Rovaniemi since 1953. What sets these dolls apart is not only that they are made locally, but also outfitted in local costumes, including the traditional dress of the Sami people. The shop also sells souvenirs made from wood or reindeer hide or bone.

Jewellery from Taigakoru

Taigakoru has been making some of the most beautiful jewellery in Rovaniemi since 1981. Its designs include swans, angels, flowers, birds, animals and traditional Sami designs. Many of these are made with gold from the Lapland gold fields. It is the perfect shop to find a beautiful and unique gift.

Taigakoru jewellery from Rovaniemi | © Jaro Larnos / Flickr

Elves from Peeva Tuote

This shop sells handmade souvenirs and custom-made items with a Lappish theme. Especially charming are its elf products, such as dolls and Christmas decorations, each handmade and unique. It also sells many products carved from reindeer antlers such as key chains, whistles, pens and jewellery. The company has a factory in Rovaniemi and often sells its products from trade stands at events such as the Christmas Market.

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