How to Travel from Tallinn to Finland

Gulf of Finland | © Benjamin Horn/Flickr
Gulf of Finland | © Benjamin Horn/Flickr

Traveling from Tallinn to Finland is extremely easy, relatively cheap, and very comfortable. Finland is one of the top destinations among Estonians, because it is a very beautiful country with a lot of things to see and do. There are a lot of options how to travel from Tallinn to Finland, and every one of them is perfect in its own way.

Fly to Finland

At least seven different airlines fly from Tallinn to Finland every day, so people who need to get to Finland fast can always choose an airplane. The price varies from cheap €80 one-way flights with Finnair or Airbaltic to luxurious €500 flights with Air France, so everyone can easily find their best option. The most popular destination, of course, is Helsinki, but there is an option to fly to many other Finnish cities as well.

Finnair airplane | ©Valentin Hintikka/Flickr

Travel through Russia by car

People who have a lot of time and are up for unpredictable and spontaneous journeys might fancy an idea of traveling from Tallinn to Finland through Russia by car. Of course, it would take much more time and would be way more complicated than flying or taking a ferry. However, you would also be able to experience and discover how stunning Estonia, Russia, and Finland are while on the road. On top of that, Saint Petersburg, the city of incredible beauty and elegance, is on the way from Tallinn to Finland if traveling by car. What might seem a very bizarre decision at first, could eventually become the most memorable journey of your lifetime.

Smolny Cathedral | ©Alexxx Malev/Flickr

Take a ferry

At least four ferries travel from Tallinn to Helsinki every day, so people don’t even necessarily have to book their tickets in advance. The most popular Tallinn-Helsinki ferry operators are Tallink Silja, Viking Line, and Eckero Line. The prices start with around €40 roundtrip and can increase drastically depending on travelers’ needs. Even the cheapest ferries are huge, clean, new, and have all the basic amenities such as Wi-Fi. People who want to treat themselves to a little more can choose to eat in fancy restaurants or enjoy relaxing spa treatments. Most of the ferries have duty-free shops as well, which can make the two-to-four-hour trip from Tallinn to Helsinki pass in the blink of an eye.

Ferry in Finland | ©John Carkeet/Flickr

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