7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Oulu, Finland This Summer

Sup boarding in summery Oulu, Finland.
Sup boarding in summery Oulu, Finland. | © VisitOulu/Torinranta
Photo of Paula Hotti
5 July 2018

Northern Finland’s biggest city Oulu makes a thrilling pit stop on your way to Lapland or as a destination on its own accord. From world-famous festivals to floating saunas, here are seven reasons to visit Oulu this summer!

Rotuaari - Oulu's Welcoming Heart

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Oulu, Finland.
Rotuaari area in Oulu has many cafés and restaurants. | ©VisitOulu

Rotuaari is Oulu’s buzzing shopping area that comes to life particularly in summer months. Apart from shopping malls and boutique shops, there is also a thriving restaurant and café scene with terraces – which in Oulu are known as ‘patio’ – in the area. And what does ‘rotuaari’ mean? It comes from French ‘trottoir’, or to walk!

Visit Oulu for Its Summer Festivals

Music Venue
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Why to visit Oulu this summer.
Finland's Oulu is a city of summer festivals. | © VisitOulu

Oulu has a vast array of summer festivals from music video to modern art festivals. The most famous festival in Oulu is the finals of Air Guitar World Championships held in August. There are also festivals for jazz and folk music enthusiasts, as well as the Bättre Folk culture festival of modern music and literature. Bättre Folk festival is located at the cute Hailuoto Island where local street food and organic beer are also served.

Visit Hailuoto Island And Its Lighthouse

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Spend a Night at a Lighthouse Hotel in Finland.
Hailuoto Lighthouse near Oulu, Finland. | Hailuoto Lighthouse near Oulu, Finland.

Opened in 1871, Hailuoto Lighthouse is located on an island about 50 kilometres from the city of Oulu. The calm island has just under a thousand inhabitants and has a cute atmosphere. The bright white, 25-metre lighthouse offers plenty of photo opportunities!

Oulu is Finland's Cycling Capital

Hiking Trail, Park
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Cycling in Oulu, Finland.
Oulu has Finland's most extensive cycle paths. | © VisitOulu

A good way to get around summery Oulu is to rent a bike. In fact, Oulu’s cycleway network is the most extensive in Finland! You can either have a leisurely journey around the city centre or head towards the seaside routes or the University Campus area’s museums and botanical garden. Pop into Oulu’s tourist information to find out more about Oulu’s rentals, from bicycles to kayaking and sup boarding!

Instagram Oulu's Historical Market Square

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Visit Oulu in Northern Finland.
Oulu Market square is famous for its old wooden buildings. | Oulu Market square is famous for its old wooden buildings.

Oulu’s Market Square, Torinranta, is located by the beach inside the buzzing shopping area of Rotuaari. Over a hundred years old, Oulu Market Hall is also located here and it’s guarded by the famous statue of the ‘Toripoliisi’, the market square police. Apart from local food products, there are also typical Finnish wooden houses to be admired and photographed!

Saunas and Spas for Every Taste

Spa Hotel
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Why to visit Oulu this summer.
Sokos Hotel Eden Spa at Nallikari beach in Oulu | Sokos Hotel Eden Spa at Nallikari beach in Oulu

For a summery seaside indulgence in Oulu, pop into the Sokos Hotel Eden’s Spa. The spa has both indoor and outdoor pools as well as a bar pool for sipping on some cocktails in a tropical atmosphere. The hotel is located at Nallikari beach, a good summer destination in itself!

For a typically Finnish spa experience in Oulu, head over to the sauna raft Kesän Sauna, Summer’s Sauna. The sauna floats on a platform and is heated by volunteers. Here you can enjoy a traditional feel of a Finnish sauna, and dip into the river if the going gets too hot! The sauna is heated every evening from five to eight if the weather is good. Entrance is 5€, bring your own towels and swimsuits.

Visit Summery Oulu for the Area's Sandy Beaches

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Kalajoki beach in Finland.
The dunes of Kalajoki in Finland | © VisitOulu / Kalajoki

Located in the province of Oulu, Kalajoki beach is about two hours’ drive away from Oulu city, but well worth a day trip. Kalajoki is famous for its sandy beach and is a popular spot to visit among Finns. There exists a lot of accommodation possibilities, from hotels and luxurious villas to tents under the starry night sky. Apart from chilling out at the beach, you can also go hiking over duckboards, rent a bike, surf, fish, golf or indulge yourself in the spa.