Couples in This European Country Are Most Likely to Cheat

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Aliki Seferou

Denmark managed once more to rank first on a worldwide study. This time though it isn’t about being the best country to live in or about Danes being the happiest people in the world. It’s actually about Danes being the most unfaithful partners in the world, with almost half of the population cheating on their significant other according to the research.

The Dr Felix team collected the data of several studies that have been conducted over the years and discovered some interesting patterns of sexual activity in countries all over the world. The data showed that in Denmark 46% of married couples are cheating on each other. That means that almost half of the population is or has been unfaithful at least once. Norway comes second with 41%, Iceland third with 39% and Finland fourth with 36%. The survey also showed that one-night stands are quite popular in Scandinavia with Norway, Sweden and Finland holding the lead. While the global average is 44%, in these three countries around two-thirds of population have had one-night stands.

It seems like Scandinavians’ sex lives are interesting to say the least. Maybe this study throws some light on why even though Denmark and its neighboring countries are among the coldest and darkest in the world their residents keep ranking first on the World Happiness Report.


Dr Felix’s study revealed other countries’ ‘dirty secrets’ as well. For example the major English-speaking nations of the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, seem to be the ‘kinkiest’ in the world. More English speakers use blindfold or masks, lube and search on Google for sex toys compared to other countries. When it comes to the LGBT community again English speaking nations are on the top of the list. One in every five people across these countries have had a gay experience, with Australia hitting 22% percent. Finally, from all nationalities Indians are the ones that have the ‘least adventurous’ sex, according to the study.

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