10 of the Best Markets in Denmark

<a href = ""> torvehallerne market, copenhagen | © Heather Sperling/Flickr
<a href = ""> torvehallerne market, copenhagen | © Heather Sperling/Flickr
Bargain hunters and gastronomy lovers all over Denmark frequent the many markets found throughout the country. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir for loved ones back home or want to taste delicacies from Scandinavia and around the world, patrons definitely find something that suits their tastes.

Kødbyens Mad og Marked

Kødbyens Food and Market is a local favorite in Copenhagen’s hip Meatpacking District. With approximately 20 food stalls with delicacies from all over the world, no one has to leave the place with an empty stomach. Organic vegetables, traditional Ugandan dishes, gin made of Møn’s Island, local products, and delicious Scandinavian dishes are among the treats served every weekend from April to October. The vibrant atmosphere makes this market special. Long, wooden tables and comfy-sun chairs fill the place, which packs in locals, especially on warm sunny days.

Kødbyens Mad & Marked, Flæsketorvet 1, Copenhagen, +45 61 30 42 47

Mad og Marked, Copenhagen | © Aliki Seferou

Veras Market

Fashionistas should definitely keep an eye on Veras’ website for the market’s upcoming dates. It’s a great way to buy some inexpensive, Scandinavian-style pieces or just spend a relaxed morning rummaging in tonnes of second-hand clothes and accessories. Veras Market takes place the first and third Sundays of each month—at Bispeengbuen during spring and summertime and indoors at Copenhagen Street Food in Papirøen in the winter. With such a great number of stalls packed with clothes of all styles, it comes as no surprise that visitors leave the place with bags filled with goodies. Make sure to head in early because the place gets super packed.

Vera's Market © Aliki Seferou

Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market

Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market
Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market | © Aliki Seferou
One of Copenhagen’s the oldest and biggest flea markets, Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market, can be found in the city’s historic center near the Thorvaldsens Museum and its picturesque canals. There, stalls filled with knickknacks, Danish porcelains, jewelry, silvers, and many more antiques of all kinds sold by some of the finest antique dealers in Denmark entice would-be shoppers
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Mega Kup

An indoor second-hand clothing market, Mega Kup sells luxury clothes for women of all ages. Open year round, it is the first market that takes place every month; and Aarhus’ residents never miss the chance to make a stop and rummage through the packed booths. It is very important to Mega Kup’s founders to provide quality clothes and accessories to their guests, so it’s likely that shoppers will leave the place with more than one elegant piece.

Mega Kup, Skovgaardsgade 3, Aarhus, +45 26 17 50 10

Bazar Vest

For flavorful vegetables, fresh-baked bread, and quality meat products, head straight for Bazar Vest. The huge shopping center welcomes approximately 1,000 customers every week. As well as a great variety of products and delicacies from all over the world, visitors can also find clothing stores, souvenirs shops, cozy restaurants, and cafés to indulge in Scandinavian delicacies after shopping.

Bazar Vest, Edwin Rahrs Vej 3, Aarhus, +45 86 25 42 11


With approximately 400 stall holders, shoppers may have to dig deep to find something that suits their tastes, but it’s quite unlikely that visitors will leave Bagagerumsmarkeder empty-handed. The largest market in Scandinavia, it welcomes approximately 35,000 guests every second Sunday of the month. Everything from antiques, bric a brac, books, furniture, and utensils are sold in low prices to bargain hunters from all over the country. Filled with booths, cars, and food stalls, tourists can also mingle with locals who are always eager to strike up a conversation.

Lewis Cubitt Square, London, United Kingdom © Clem Onojeghuo/unsplash

Lopper på Havnen

Like most of the markets in Denmark, Lopper på Havnen takes place from spring to autumn. Once a month, approximately 100 stalls are set up near Aalborg’s Harbor’s waterfront. The market welcomes locals and tourists from 10am to 3pm. There, visitors can find a wide range of vintage items, clothes, souvenirs, ceramics, and many more inexpensive goods. Moreover, food stands sell local delicacies, so weather permitting, grab a rød pølse hot dog and take a break from sightseeing.

Lopper på Havnen, Dalgasgade 25, Aalborg, +45 26 18 23 34

Odense Kunst and Loppemarked

Every Sunday from the end of March until the end of October, Odense’s harbor gets packed with vendors selling secondhand items and artifacts. For the six hours it remains open, hundreds of locals pass by the Odense Kunst and Loppemarked to rummage through the numerous booths. Those not in the mood for shopping should still make sure to stop by the city’s cozy market after visiting the Hans Chiristian Andersen Museum to get some souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Odense Kunst and Loppemarked, Havnepladsen, Londongade 1, Odense, +45 26152762

Svalerne Flea Market | © Aliki Seferou

The Red Factory (Den Røde Fabrik)

The Red Factory is an indoor flea market located in the heart of Odense. Its high-quality vintage items and stylish decorations makes it one of the top destinations for bargain hunters. Its being indoors means shoppers can still enjoy a visit when it’s cold or rainy outside. Den Røde Fabrik is open every day from morning to afternoon, so stop by and check out the beautiful knickknacks.

The Red Factory, Havnegade 19, Odense, +45 21 31 13 06

Skagen Food & Design Market

Market, Northern European
Crevalcore, Italy
Crevalcore, Italy | © Fabrizio Magoni/unsplash
Every year, chefs, entrepreneurs, and food lovers travel to Skagen for the two-day Food & Design Market. The event has been taking place for 12 years now, and it attracts thousands of local and international gastronomy lovers. Aside from tasting fresh ingredients and delicious dishes, visitors have also the chance to hear intriguing product-design presentations by specialists.
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