The 10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Prague

People dine at an outdoor restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic
People dine at an outdoor restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic | © Photicon / Alamy Stock Photo
Despite traditional Czech cuisine’s emphasis on meat, vegetarians and vegans visiting Prague won’t go hungry with these fantastic vegetarian restaurants – even committed carnivores will find plenty to enjoy on their varied menus.

Dine under the stars at Lehka Hlava

Restaurant, Vegetarian, $$$

When you’ve finished taking in spectacular views of Prague Castle from the river’s edge, head up Karoliny Světlé, a narrow cobbled road, to Lehka Hlava (or Clear Head), a vegetarian restaurant located in a 500-year-old building. The interior can only be described as a work of art, with each room designed around a different theme; in one, you’ll find stars twinkling in a blue night sky.

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Maitrea serves up a side of Zen in Old Town

Restaurant, Vegetarian, $$$
Vegetarian restaurant Maitrea in Prague, Czech Republic
The Maitrea restaurant in Prague features a calming interior | © Maitrea

Maitrea, Lehka Hlava’s sister restaurant, also has an impressive menu of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings. On a tranquil side street just minutes from Prague’s Old Town Square, this restaurant is a peaceful escape from the tourists – it even incorporates the principles of feng shui in its interior design. Try the Maitrea burger, served with tempeh bacon and barbecue sauce.

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Radost FX is a vegetarian brunch spot and nightclub

Restaurant, Nightclub, Vegetarian, Beer, Cocktails

There aren’t many vegetarian restaurants where you can party until 5am and return the next morning to grab breakfast, but that’s exactly what Radost FX offers. The oldest vegetarian restaurant in the Czech Republic, this quirky spot has been serving Prague for over 25 years. The menu features dishes from all around the world; an American-inspired brunch, which includes fluffy pancakes and breakfast burritos, is served at the weekend.

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Experience Etnosvět’s international cuisine

Restaurant, Contemporary, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
Etnosvět, Prague
Etnosvět is one of the best veggie options in Prague | © Etnosvět

Located near bustling IP Pavlova, Etnosvět specialises in seasonal vegetarian fusion, combining flavours and culinary inspiration from all over the world. There is also a children’s menu available, offering favourites such as linguine and risotto. Its courtyard garden is a perfect spot to enjoy a meal outside on a warm summer day.

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Eat local at Estrella

Restaurant, Vegetarian, $$$

Estrella combines seasonal, locally sourced ingredients to offer a twist on Czech and international cuisine; its dishes are prepared with careful precision to create perfect taste combinations. The cosy atmosphere will make you feel right at home in the middle of Prague, and the weekday lunch specials offer an unbeatable deal.

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Build your own Superbowl at Forky’s

Restaurant, Vegan, $$$
Vegan restaurant Forky's in Prague, Czech Republic
Forky's vegan restaurant in Prague offers a wide variety of plant-based meals | © Forky's

Forky’s embraces its “respect for life” motto by offering an entirely plant-based menu. Its selection ranges from a vegan take on traditional Czech dishes to healthy street-food options. This restaurant is known for its superbowls, which allow customers to combine their favourite superfoods to create a dish full of flavour and nutritional value. You also choose the size of your superbowl, so it can be a healthy snack or a hearty meal depending on your appetite.

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Find Indian specialities and sweets at Govinda Restaurace

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian

If you’re visiting Prague on a budget and looking for vegetarian Indian cuisine, Govinda Restaurace, with its big portions and affordable prices, is a must. The daily menu features just one option, so this likely isn’t the ideal place for picky eaters; however, the dish does change every day. The freshest ingredients are used to create a range of sweet treats, so make sure to save room for dessert.

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Support the community at Bistro Střecha

Bistro, Vegan
Vegan restaurant Bistro Střecha in Prague, Czech Republic
Bistro Střecha restaurant in Prague offers affordable vegan food | © Bistro Střecha

Bistro Střecha, which serves delicious vegan food in the Žižkov neighbourhood, is also a social cooperative that employs people who are homeless or have recently served time in jail. The bistro offers job opportunities, advice on housing solutions, cooperative ownership and eco-friendly meals. It aims to show that nutritious vegan food can be affordable and accessible for everyone.

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Eat and shop at Country Life Restaurace

Restaurant, Grocery Store, Vegetarian, $$$

Country Life Restaurace is another excellent option if you find yourself in Old Town Square. Connected to the Country Life health food store, the restaurant combines fresh organic ingredients to create both hot and cold vegan and vegetarian dishes. The self-service buffet setup gives you the option not only to select what you’d like to eat but also the quantity. The pricing is determined by weight, so just be careful not to get too carried away.

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Enjoy vegan dining with a view at Vegan’s Prague

Restaurant, Vegan, $$$
Vegan's Prague restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic
Vegan's Prague restaurant has a bright, welcoming interior | © Vegan's Prague

Located in Lesser Town, Vegan’s Prague has attic and terrace spaces that offer spectacular views of Prague Castle. If you’re hoping to try vegan options of the traditionally meaty Czech specialities svíčková and goulash, this is the place to go.

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