The 10 Best Restaurants in Vinohrady, Prague

Pork wrapped in betel leaves at Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan in Vinohrady, Prague
Pork wrapped in betel leaves at Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan in Vinohrady, Prague | Courtesy of Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan
Lani Seelinger

The Vinohrady neighbourhood of Prague is filled with tree-lined streets, beautiful buildings and craft beer bars — not to mention some of the best restaurants in the Czech capital. From fine dining to casual bistros, there are our 10 favourite restaurants in the area.

1. Aromi

Restaurant, Italian

Aromis restaurant
© Anna Borovská
If high class Italian dining is what you’re in the mood for, there’s no better place than Aromi. They take the time and effort to do things exactly how they would be done on the Italian coast and you’ll find here an excellent selection of Italian food with an emphasis on seafood. For a real treat, you should take advantage of their three-course lunch special. If you visit at dinnertime, you’ll be amazed by the sheer beauty of the entrées, which are so artfully put together you’ll think it a shame to eat them.

2. Bruxx

Restaurant, Belgian

Right across the square from Aromi you’ll find Bruxx, a Belgian seafood restaurant with a focus on mussels and beer. This is the best establishment for Belgian food in Prague and of course with good Belgian food, comes good Belgian beer. The stars of the menu are the mussels and oysters, which come in all sorts of tasty sauces. If you’d like something a little more substantial there are plenty of options, all crafted by an award-winning chef. To go with your meal, they’ve got eight taps with a range of beer, from Delirium Tremens to a Belgian Lambic.

3. Dish Fine Burger Bistro

Bistro, Restaurant, Contemporary

The competition to make the best burger has been heating up all across the city for the last couple of years, but Dish has consistently held a place at the top. Their burgers range from the standard cheeseburger — with a couple of Dish’s own twists — to delicious regionally themed specialty burgers. For a really fun Czech burger experience, try their Olomouc & Porto burger, which will give you a taste of the famously flavourful Olomouc cheese from Moravia, along with the sweet taste of port wine.

4. La Bibiche

Bistro, American, European, Romanian

La Bibiche has carved itself a niche in the Prague foodie scene as the only pastrami bistro in the city. The city may have a long Jewish history but until now, typical Jewish delis like those that populate the streets of New York have been absent. La Bibiche has stepped in to fill that void and a favourite is the pastrami sandwich, along with daily specials of other delicious, filling meals.

5. U Bulínů

Restaurant, European, Czech

Meat and potatoes-heavy Czech cuisine has developed a lot in the last decade or so and U Bulínů is a good example of that. Their menu is deliciously Czech and though you will see the same dishes repeated, U Bulínů keeps its lunch menu changing, which gives the chefs room to play around with traditional dishes. This is a very good place to try different kinds of meat as they serve, among others, deer, rabbit, and wild boar.

6. Pho Vietnam Luan & Tuan

Bistro, Restaurant, Vietnamese

Pork wrapped in betel leaves at Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan in Prague
Courtesy of Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan
A little-known fact about Prague is that it’s one of Europe’s top destinations for Vietnamese food. Thanks to an exchange program the two communist governments had in the second half of the last century, the Vietnamese are one of the largest minority groups in the country, which means that there is great Vietnamese food to be had all around. Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan, which has both a sit-down restaurant and another bistro on Jiriho z Podebrad square, is the absolute best in the city. Their service is always fast and friendly and their food fresh, delicious and authentic.

7. Bad Jeff’s Barbeque


Another sizeable population in Prague is the American contingent so it’s no surprise that there are a significant number of American restaurants — or at least, restaurants that claim to offer American food. Bad Jeff’s Barbeque, however, is the real deal. They start with barbecue as the basis, but also give themselves the space to get creative with their menu, which includes a sizeable number of substantial vegetarian items. If you’re new to the scrumptious world of American barbecue, start with their tasting platter to learn what it’s all about.

8. Le Caveau

Bakery, Pastelaria, French, Pastries, Dessert, Vegetarian, European

On pretty Jiriho z Podebrad square, Le Caveau is right on the border of Vinohrady. There’s a bright, bustling atmosphere and you’ve many delicious options from which to choose — a fresh, healthy lunch with a coffee, freshly made desserts and an excellent selection of French wine. While you can’t really go wrong with any of their food, the soups and quiches are especially good.

9. Blue Wagon

Restaurant, European

Blue Wagon has made it onto a list of Michelin-recommended restaurants and is a Vinohrady hotspot for fine dining. Their focus is on seasonal, fresh food and they always have something new to offer. The items on the menu are not merely versions of dishes you’ve already seen, but totally new concoctions put together so beautifully they look like works of art. The atmosphere is anything but stuffy — you’ll find it warm and welcoming whether you’re here for a romantic night out, or a lively family dinner.

10. Bílá Kráva

Restaurant, French

A steak at Bila Krava
Courtesy of Bila Krava
Bílá Kráva’s motto is ‘At our place, you know what you’re eating and you know what you’re drinking’. What they mean by this is that they take extra care to source their ingredients from trusted suppliers who focus on quality. Their aim is to recreate the spirit of the French countryside and they do this with the restaurant’s decor, wine list — which includes Czech and other wines, in addition to French ones — and, of course, the menu. Steak is their specialty and they offer the largest selection of cuts in the city.

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