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Czech Republic | © Pixabay
Czech Republic | © Pixabay
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The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Prague, Czech Republic

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Updated: 24 May 2017
The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a real hub of culture and history, and is often ranked amongst the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world. In terms of its café scene though, not many people know just how many beautiful little coffee shops are scattered across the city, offering excellent espresso (and some delicious Czech beer) along with tasty pancakes and cakes. Here’s our 10 favorites.
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Muj Salek Kavy

Though this café is located a bit away from the city center (about 10 minutes by tram), it is so enjoyed by its loyal customers that on weekends bookings are essential. Apart from excellent coffee which you can choose your own beans for, they serve sumptuous breakfasts and brunches. Whether it’s traditional English breakfast or delicious whole-wheat pancakes with a topping of choice, it promises to be a wonderful experience. What’s more, the café is situated in a beautiful and quiet, tree-lined street, with tables outside in the summer.

Muj Salek Kavy, Krizikova 105, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 222 981874

Cheesecake pancakes © Ralph Daily/Flickr

Cheesecake pancakes | © Ralph Daily/Flickr

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Friends Coffee House (FCH)

As the name suggests, FCH is an ideal place for gathering with friends over a cup of coffee. Situated in New Town (Nove Mesto) area, the café is airy and bright, with space inside. It has a homely interior with lots of pictures, candles, pots and plants, along with a library of its own and a little fountain. More than that, it offers locally roasted coffee with tasty sandwiches and cakes.

Friends Coffee House, Palackeho 7, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 272 049665

Filament Coffee | © LWYang/Flickr
Coffee | © LWYang/Flickr
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EMA Espresso Bar

This stylish café with its clean and minimalistic, almost Scandinavian, interiors uses one of the best espresso machines in the world, which can only be found in one other coffee shop in Prague. It makes coffee from the beans by different European roasters along with a selection of sandwiches, a daily soup choice and a range of Czech kolachees. It occasionally holds public coffee tastings and is well-known for its amazing quality brews.

EMA Espresso Bar, Na Florenci 3, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 730 156933

The Caffeine Genie | © Raymond Bryson/Flickr
The Caffeine Genie | © Raymond Bryson/Flickr
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Café Lounge

Situated close to the Vltava River, this café is a must for all coffee snobs. It is often hailed as the home of the best coffee in town. It also has a very healthy food selection and a short but enticing wine list for patrons who fancy a glass. If you prefer sitting outside, the café has a quiet terrace garden in its courtyard, which is an ideal place for brunch with family or friends.

Café Lounge, Plaska615/8, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 257 404020

Best coffee in town?/ ©Pixabay

Best coffee in town? | © Pixabay

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La Boheme Café

What makes La Boheme really special is that it’s visually striking. Located in a former designer furniture shop, it has beautiful, bespoke interiors with gorgeous patterned cups for every coffee ordered. The ground floor houses the café, while upstairs is the barista center of the La Boheme coffee roasters. The café is famous for its amazing coffee cocktails, speciality teas and baked pies.

La Boheme Café, Sazavska 32, Prague 120 00, Czech Republic, +420 774 607556

Coffee | ©

Coffee | © Pexels

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Café Savoy

Beautifully decorated in the style of a Parisian café with high painted ceilings, Café Savoy is a gem not far from the town center. It is located by the riverside and very close to Petrin Park. It also has a second floor for those who prefer admiring the town from above. Savoy is famous for its breakfasts, which come region-specific: French; English and Continental.

Café Savoy, Vitezna 5, Prague 150 00, Czech Republic, +420 257 311562

Scarmbled Eggs |© Pixabay
Scrambled eggs | © Pixabay
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Café Imperial

This exceptionally beautiful and luxurious-looking café decorated in an Art Deco style is a real treat for anyone looking to sample great food in a beautiful environment. While the interiors transport patrons to the world of the roaring ’20s, the delicious coffee, breakfasts and cakes, served in beautiful dishes, complete the experience. Imperial is also well-situated not far from Prague’s exquisite Old Town area.

Café Imperial, Na Porici 15, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 246 011440

Grab a coffee and cake/ ©PixaBay
Grab a coffee and cake | © monicore/PixaBay
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Den Noc

This small and cozy café in the Old Town offers wonderful pancakes, which are often called the best in the city. They offer a wide range of sweet and savory options, with gluten and dairy free choices too. Although it can get really busy, the waiting staff are lovely and the owner very hospitable. The folk here also make excellent lemonade and serve some really good wines.

Den Noc, Templova 7, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 775 697733

Buttermilk pancake with some raspberries | © Pauline Mak/Flickr

Buttermilk pancake with some raspberries | © Pauline Mak/Flickr

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Another centrally-located café, Atmosferas, as its name suggests, has a perfect atmosphere and is great for having a family breakfast, reading a newspaper, working or studying. The menu offers five great breakfast choices and some delicious desserts. The waiting staff are always lovely and cheerful. Come in the evening to see some fantastic live music shows.

Atmosferas, Ve Smeckach 592/22, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 776 616810

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Choco Café U Cervene Zidle

A great place for both chocolate and coffee lovers, Choco Café is a small café located between the Old Town and the Vltava River. They have a range of excellent hot chocolates and also a small food menu offering quiche, salads, and bruschetta. The hot chocolate is the traditional Czech melted chocolate (as opposed to British drinking chocolate), and comes either on its own or with a choice of whipped cream, fruit and ice cream as a topping.

Choco Café, Liliova 4/250, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 222 222519

Hot Chocolate/ ©Pixabay
Hot chocolate | ©Pixabay