15 Amazing Reasons To Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik | © Laurent de Walick/Flickr
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Should there even be a specific reason to visit Dubrovnik? To gaze upon the Pearl of the Adriatic, a historic jewel set within pristine City Walls, is almost reason alone. But look around and you’ll find a medieval treasures a-plenty, contemporary wine bars, panoramic restaurants, and bars with nothing but the sea beyond.

For the Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Croatia’s own version of Edinburgh is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, inaugurated in 1950. Like the Edinburgh Festival, this major cultural event brings the city to life, including the streets, walls and façades of the historic Old Town. Dubrovnik’s festival is more high-brow, with the accent on classical music, opera and 16th-century theatre, in particular Shakespeare. Much else goes on around the regular programme, with many impromptu performances. Opening night is always July 10, closing ceremonies on August 25.

For the Buža bars

Not known for its bars, Dubrovnik happens to have two that are exceptional for their unique setting. Referred to as Buža, or ‘hole in the wall’, each is cut into the seafacing cliffs that support Dubrovnik’s City Walls, and each gazes out onto the seamless blue of the Adriatic. Buža I also offers sunbathing and access to the Adriatic via metal steps below. Buža II has a more organised feel about it, with waitstaff in branded T-shirts. Buža I can be found near the Azur restaurant, Buža II by a sign saying ‘Cold Drinks With The Most Beautiful View’.

Buža I, Ispod Mira 12, Dubrovnik Croatia

Buža II, Crijevićeva 9, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 98 361 934

Buža I

1. For the Franciscan Monastery


Franciscan Monastery
© Jennifer Boyer/Flickr
The peaceful cloisters of Dubrovnik’s Franciscan Monastery not only provide respite from the heat and crowds of the focal Stradun, but house one of the oldest operating pharmacies in the world. By the tranquil garden in the inner courtyard, the Old Pharmacy still dispenses medicines to old locals who come in for their orders. It also displays an array of strange vessels and implements from centuries past, when alchemy was an inexact science.

For the beaches

Finding a beach in Dubrovnik is easy – just walk through the Ploče Gate from the Old Town and Banje is right alongside. Being the city beach, Banje is always crowded but pleasant all the same, with sunloungers for hire and a bar/restaurant alongside. Locals prefer to head to the outskirts of town and the more secluded pleasures of Sveti Jakov, just past the Villa Dubrovnik hotel. With showers and sunshades, it’s reasonably well equipped, including a little bar and fabulous views of Dubrovnik in the distance.

Banje Beach, Frana Supila, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sveti Jakov Beach, Vlaha Bukovca 41, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik beach

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