The Most Beautiful Places in Plovdiv

View of Plovdiv | © Pixabay
View of Plovdiv | © Pixabay
If you ask Bulgarians which is the most beautiful city in the country, many of them will point to Plovdiv. The colorful historical houses in the Old Town will remain imprinted in your memory long after you leave Plovdiv. Here are Culture Trip’s choices of some of the most beautiful places in Plovdiv.

The Old Town

You don’t need a map to explore the Old Town. Located close to the pedestrian zone of the city center and comprising several cobblestone streets, it’s the perfect place to get lost. Some of the houses were turned into museums, carefully preserving stories from the past. Others are still inhabited or are home to restaurants and boutique hotels. Walk under Hissar Kapiya (The Hissar Gate) to discover the more quiet part of the Old Town where life goes on without taking notice of the tourists. Or climb up the hill to get one of the best views of Plovdiv – the best time to do it is at sunset when the panorama is magical.

The Old Town, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The City Garden

Tsar Simeon’s Garden, or simply the City Garden as the locals call it, is your destination if you want to unwind. In the summer, you can find some refreshment here in a city famous for its scorching hot months of July and August. The city gardeners take good care of it and you will always find it neat and blooming.

Tsar Simeon’s Garden, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Singing Fountains

The Singing Fountains have been a favorite summer spot for Plovdiv dwellers for many years, and after a recent renovation in 2015, they have turned into an even more popular evening destination. After the falling of dark, the water ‘dances’ to the rhythm of classical music, tango and popular Bulgarian songs of the past with colorful lights as a backdrop. The Singing Fountains are located at the western end of the City Garden.

The Singing Fountains, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Kapana district

What was until recently a crumbling, bland area close to the city center, is now renovated and full of life and art. You will find many art workshops, ateliers, art cafes and craft beer bars in Kapana where you can enjoy your time, both during the day and after sunset.

Kapana, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Ancient Theater

Roman Theatre of Philippopolis
Roman Theatre of Philippopolis | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
The Ancient Theater is one of the greatest symbols of Plovdiv, located at one end of the Old Town. You’ll be able to set foot on authentic rock stairs and seats used by local nobles centuries ago. The theater’s stage is still in use today, and in summer you can come across a classical concert, an opera performance or a rock concert.
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