8 Destinations in Bulgaria Perfect for Rock Climbers

Climbing I Pixabay
Climbing I Pixabay
Photo of Maria Angelova
7 February 2017

Bulgaria is famous for the variety of climbing spots available around the country. You can practice rock climbing, free solo climbing, ice climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, deep-water soloing, and sports climbing. There is a solid climbing community with whom to share your passion, outdoors or in the climbing gym. Find out about some of the outdoor climbing destinations in Bulgaria with the most beautiful scenery.

Prohodna Cave

Prohodna Cave is also known as The Eyes of God due to the two large openings in its ceiling. You can find some of the most difficult routes in Bulgaria in the cave and around it. It is located in the Karlukovo Karst region, which means you have much more to discover in the surrounding area.

Prohodna Cave, Bulgaria


The rocky landscape of Dryanovo makes it a popular climbing and hiking spot. The area has much more to offer though – including one of the biggest monasteries in Bulgaria, Dryanovo Monastery, and Bacho Kiro Cave, just to mention a few.

Dryanovo, Bulgaria


Vratsata Pass near the town of Vratsa is among the most popular climbing destinations in Bulgaria, with many climbing schools using it as a base. It is located in Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park with many other activity options around – Ledenika Cave, Temnata Dupka Cave, and mountain biking trails.

Vratsata Pass, Vratsa, Bulgaria


Vitosha Natural Park can be easily accessed by public transport from Sofia. This is the mountain where tourism in Bulgaria was officially established with a mass Mount Cherni Vrah ascent on August 28, 1895. There are rock climbing routes, as well as many hiking trails, chalets, and mountain biking trails.

Vitosha, Bulgaria

Kamen Bryag

This gorgeous climbing destination on the Black Sea coast allows you to combine your favorite sport with beach camping. The rugged rocky coast is perfect for deep-water soloing. Bring your tent for a few days by the sea. This is also the most famous spot to celebrate July Morning – a rock-hippie festival unique to Bulgaria that welcomes the summer.

Kamen Bryag, Bulgaria


Malyovitsa in Rila Mountain is the cradle of Bulgarian alpinism – the Central Mountain School is located here, the first school to certify mountain guides in Bulgaria. Except for the rock climbing routes, you can opt for a via ferrata. There is a chalet (Malyovitsa) and a few hotels around to spend the night.

Malyovitsa, Bulgaria

Rila Monastery

Map View
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery | © ignatov / pixabay
This is a popular bouldering area, and there are numerous boulders in Rila Monastery Natural Park from which to choose. When you are done climbing for the day, you can take a look at the UNESCO-protected Rila Monastery or travel 25 miles (40 km) farther to see the Stob Earth Pyramids – not suitable for climbing as they are crumbling, but a nice place to enjoy the sunset.

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