Courtesy of Art M Gallery and Guesthouse
Courtesy of Art M Gallery and Guesthouse
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10 Bulgarian Guesthouses with Spectacular Views

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Updated: 21 April 2017
Bulgarians love to emphasize the hospitality of their nation, and even if it’s not so obvious in the big cities and high-end hotels, you will definitely feel it if you visit small towns or simply stay at guesthouses. Read our guide to discover ten guesthouses with great hosts and equally great views.
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The Clay House, Leshten

Leshten is among the favorite mountain villages of Bulgarians. Its tiny central square gets busy on weekends with both locals and foreigners. For the best view over Leshten, you will have to walk to the hill at the end of the village and stand on the porch of the Clay House. This guesthouse is made of clay but has the full range of amenities inside.

The Clay House, Leshten, Bulgaria, +359 896645585

Courtesy the Clay House

Courtesy of the Clay House

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Trinity Retreat Center

Trinity Retreat Center is a unique guest house in Apriltsi inspired by the ashrams in Asia visited by the owners. Every room is decorated in a different style with a gorgeous view of the nearby Balkan Mountains. They offer healthy smoothies, herbal tea, and vegan and vegetarian food cooked with local products only. You can join a yoga practice, relax in the aromatherapy sauna, or try a Thai massage.

Malina Str., 5641 Apriltsi, Bulgaria, +359 894 488 808

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Art M Gallery and Guesthouse

Tryavna is a small traditional art town with cobblestone streets. There’s no better place to stay than Art M Gallery and Guesthouse – you will feel both the artistic atmosphere of Tryavna and the friendliness of the locals upon meeting the owner. The guesthouse is in the very center of the town, and the bonus is the excellent food at its restaurant.

20, Angel Kynchev Str., Tryavna, Bulgaria, +359 887 097 373

Courtesy Art M Gallery and Guesthouse

Courtesy of Art M Gallery and Guesthouse

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Arkan Han

Arkan Han Guesthouse’s windows offer a magnificent view of the Rhodope Mountains and an even better view of the billion-star sky at night, since you are far into the mountains and there’s nothing to pollute the air. This guesthouse is situated at the end of Trigrad village, famous for the variety of adventures around – caves to visit, horses to ride, via ferrata to cross, bears and birds to see, and gorges to explore.

4825 Trigrad, Bulgaria, +359 886 908 912

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Peychevi Guesthouse

This family guesthouse in Govedartsi village is nestled at the foot of the Rila Mountains and close to Malyovitsa Valley. It’s a perfect hub for hikers because it near the Malyovitsa Peak trail, and it’s a one day hike to the Seven Rila Lakes. Wherever you’ve been during the day, come back for dinner at Peychevi Guesthouse, because the food is excellent.

13 Iglika str., s. Govedarci, Govedartsi, Bulgaria, +359 88 858 0205

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Han Madona

Han Madona Guesthouse is located in Falkovets village, exactly where the impressive natural phenomenon of the Belogradchik Rocks starts. The view of the strangely shaped rocks will make you contemplate the power of nature, but it will also inspire you to explore it more closely. Your hosts at Han Madona will be happy to organize an adventure tour for you, be it cycling, caving, climbing, hunting, or kayaking.

Falkovets, Belogradchik, Bulgaria, +359 894774746

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Bialata Kashta

Kovachevitsa is a village with traditional old-style houses where the best view is that of the village itself. Bialata Kashta Guesthouse (which translates as the “White House”) will offer you this opportunity because of its perfect location in the upper part of Kovachevitsa. Stroll up and down the cobblestone streets to remember what perfect tranquility means.

Kovachevitsa, Bulgaria, +359 899 886 342

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Djudjeva Kashta

Go back in time and discover the historical town of Panagyurishte, but stay for at least a night instead of just visiting it for a few hours. Djudjeva Kashta Guesthouse will provide you with a setting from the past – century-old trees in the yard, traditional architecture, and many attractions in the vicinity. We recommend you not skip the wine tasting at the nearby winery Rumleia.

17, Krastyo Cholakov Str., 4500, Panagyurishte, Bulgaria, +359 89 606 0677

Old Plovdiv

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Boutique Hostel Old Plovdiv
Boutique Hostel Old Plovdiv | Courtesy Old Plovdiv Guest Housse

Old Plovdiv

The most impressive area in Plovdiv is the Old Town, and as there are not so many places to stay there, being able to wake up with a view of the traditional houses is a luxurious experience that doesn’t necessary cost a fortune. Old Plovdiv is a boutique hostel set in a house built in 1868, furnished with restored antiques.

3, Chetvarti yanuari, Str. Plovdiv, Bulgaria, +359 888 63 63 70

Courtesy Old Plovdiv

Courtesy of Old Plovdiv

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The Four Houses, Kostenkovtsi

Book a stay at one of the Four Houses in Kostenkovtsi village, and you will have a beautiful view of the mountain range of Stara Planina (including Balkan Mountain, the mountain that gave the Balkan Peninsula its name). Each house’s name is different, and they are all designed in traditional Bulgarian style with fitting contemporary elements here and there.

Kostenkovtsi, Bulgaria, +359 888 403 740

Courtesy The Four Houses

Courtesy of The Four Houses