10 Start-Ups in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Watch Out For

startup photo | © pexels
startup photo | © pexels

Bosnia may have suffered through a turbulent past and endured the long, slow road to economic recovery, but in the 21st century, local tech businesses are on the rise. With few employment opportunities, young entrepreneurs put their minds together and are modernising the local economy. Here are ten of the best Bosnian startups.


One of the latest to give a learning platform in Bosnia is Bookvar. Various courses in the Bosnian language are available for free, to anyone who wants to learn or brush up their knowledge and skills. Experts on a range of subject matters can join and create their own courses.

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Bosnian War veterans and those fighting in other conflicts around the world may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Vret, or Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, exposes patients to realistic stimuli in a safe environment to desensitise their fears. The Mostar-based company offers services to war veterans and people suffering from phobias and anxiety.


Bosnia’s economy has a large proportion in the agricultural sector. Farmers can now manage their farm using a computer program called Zoblak. With this software, people can monitor everything from temperature and humidity levels to surveillance in one place. The start-up can help increase productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector.



Imagine a website like Amazon in the Balkans and you grasp the concept of Sarajevo-based eKupi. Users have access to a range of products from sports equipment and car accessories to clothes and perfume on this Bosnian start-up. In the last few years, eKupi has started to expand and cater for all countries in the region making it the largest Internet shop in the Balkans.


MondoDrive, based in Gracanica, is one of the hottest start-ups in Bosnia. The company offers peer-to-peer car rental services allowing owners to rent their vehicles to others, in the same way as Airbnb lets homeowners rent their rooms to travellers. Users can contact and rent in a matter of minutes giving flexibility to both the renter and lender.



Kolikoo, set up in Sarajevo in 2012, allows users to share the lowest prices and best bargains in their area. When someone goes shopping and spots a deal, they can share the details on Kolikoo to share the benefits with others. The company prides itself as the first social eCommerce network in Bosnia and  Herzegovina.



This group from Mostar has various online tutorials and games to develop children’s knowledge and new skills. Giikly presents the world in an interactive and easy to understand way, which helps supplement a child’s education. Parents around Bosnia are encouraging their little ones to learn using this software through different problem-solving exercises.

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Parttimerz is an online freelancing platform putting local freelancers in touch with people who want to assign projects. Users sign up and complete a profile before applying for or assigning a project. A competitive bidding feature is included to make sure the best people are selected for the job.


Light Docs

Young entrepreneurs from Zenica decided to design an online platform to streamline the process of creating legal documents. Local and regional businesses around Bosnia can subscribe to the online tool to get access to legal templates in a matter of seconds. Light Docs is one of the latest tech start-ups in Bosnia, invented by high school and collegeage students. 


Funky Guerrilla

Launched in 2014 by locals in Gradiska (Republika Srpska), the online clothing store is quickly becoming one of the businesses to watch out for in Bosnia. Funky Guerrilla prides themselves on being one of the first successful social enterprises in the region. People of all ethnicities and socioeconomical status, from rural women to city dwellers, have equal opportunities to work for this company.