The Best Places To Try Tapas In Brussels

Surprises come in a delicious form at Restaurant CO2
Surprises come in a delicious form at Restaurant CO2 | Courtesy of Restaurant CO2
Nana Van De Poel

There’s no better way to kick off a pleasant evening with friends or family than a communal meal of delicious tapas. Whether you prefer Spanish patatas bravas in a traditional cantina or want to try a more adventurous alternative in a cozy wine bar, Brussels is sure to please with its diverse venues serving the tiny dishes in a million different ways. Here’s some of the best places to have tapas in Brussels.

1. ComoTapas by Comocomo

Cafe, Restaurant, Mediterranean, European, Spanish

The wide wooden table with tapas running through makes up the perfect dinner décor for a group of friends
Courtesy of Comocomo
ComoTapas, in the Dansaert area, has taken the handy conveyor belt typical of so many sushi places and uses it to serve both hot and cold tapas. Choose one of the tiny colorful plates (green indicating a vegetarian dish and black indicating a dish with meat), passing you by to dig into with your fingers, Comocomo style. The central wooden island gives the place a homey feel, making it perfect for dinner with a large group of friends.

2. Le Petit Canon

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Le Petit Canon
Courtesy of Chiara Bellani
At the corner of Rue Lesbroussart and Rue de Hennin, you’ll find one of the coziest tapas bar in all of Brussels. Foodie adventurers find their fix at Le Petit Canon, where the tapas range from a haute dog with wasabi and crispy onions to a traditional Italian burrata (a cheese dish made with mozzarella and cream). It’s perfect for that apero and chat with a friend or lover in an intimate atmosphere.

3. Bar du Gaspi

Bar, Tapas

Even with its terrace overlooking the stately Art Nouveau houses of the Avenue Louis Bertrand, Bar du Gaspi is known for more than its location. The site of the former ‘Le Gaspi,’ a cultural hot spot in the 80s where intellectuals and politicians of the day came to mingle, Bar du Gaspi recaptures the glory of its old digs in a foodie kind of way. Chef Michel serves the small gourmet platters he likes to call ‘Gaspas’ separately or in combo menus, with traditional Belgian beers on the side.

4. Restaurant CO2

Restaurant, Belgian

The interior of Restaurant CO2 | Courtesy of Restaurant CO2
Courtesy of Restaurant CO2
If you like the element of surprise, Restaurant CO2, in the busy quarter of Place du Chatelain, might be the place for you. Their tapas platter to share comes with seven unknown delicacies from the chef to try. It’s an unexpected pleasure, at least if you don’t watch the open kitchen smack dab in the middle of the restaurant to see which one of the dishes being prepared is coming your way.

5. Le Petit Comptoir

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Julien Burlat and Benjamin Lagarde, both chefs with an impressive track record, have recently teamed up to head the new restaurant at Hôtel des Galeries. Even more intriguing though, is what the pair decided to install in the corridor in front of the actual restaurant: a stylish yet laid-back tapas bar, serving its tiny platters with great attention to its products’ origins. You might just end up not making it to the main dining room.

6. Pepete & Ronron

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Pepete & Ronron, Bruxelles
Courtesy of Pepete & RonRon
Not too far from the buzzing Dansaert Street lies Pepete & Ronron, a small wine and tapas place perfect for winding down after a week’s work. The terrace is gold for some people watching during sunny days, with a glass of rosé in hand and a plate of artisanal charcuterie in front of you.

7. Winehouse Osteria

Charcuterie, Restaurant, Italian

A stone’s throw away from the Grand Place, Mario and Piero’s winehouse values quality as its top priority. While their dishes may not exactly fall within the strict definition of ‘tapas,’ Winehouse Osteria sure has a knack for turning out small, delicious Italian plates of colorful food. One of the best selections of charcuterie and cheeses in town will also go down nicely, paired with a good glass of red or white recommended by the wine connoisseur owners.

8. Le Fourneau Ibérique

Bar, Restaurant, Spanish

You wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a great tapas place in the middle of a touristic area. Still, Le Fourneau Ibérique has built up a reputation among Brusselleirs as a guaranteed good meal, often consumed at one of the stools of the classy wooden bar. Its fixed menu offers up some surprising yet delectable experiments like a terrine of foie gras, goat cheese and quince jelly or a pumpkin cream with crispy ox tail.

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