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Pork Knuckle |@ Brotzeit/WikiCommons
Pork Knuckle |@ Brotzeit/WikiCommons
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The Best Austrian Cuisine In Vienna

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Updated: 31 October 2016
Austrian cuisine is a mix of influences from countries such as Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and the Balkans. Most dishes will feature various meats, such as the famous wiener schnitzel. However, there are lighter and sweeter options, such as the apfelstrudel (apple strudel) or marillenknödel (apricot and pastry). Start your gastronomic journey with our guide to the best Austrian cuisine restaurants in Vienna, Austria‘s capital.
Pork Knuckle | © BIPL1516/WikiCommons
Pork Knuckle | @ Brotzeit/WikiCommons
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There has been a restaurant where Schweizerhaus stands now, since 1766, and it has changed its named many times over the years. These days, Schweizerhaus is one of the biggest Austrian cuisine restaurants. You could sit hundreds at its large tables and in the beer garden. It is rumored that in one day Schweizerhaus serves around 10,000 beers. However, besides its fine beer, this restaurant is famous for its excellent wiener schnitzels and pork knuckles.

116 Prater, Vienna, +43 17 2801 5213

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Run by the same family for over 100 years, Figlmüller is now looked after by a fourth generation of Figlmüllers. The specialty here is a pork wiener schnitzel that is crispier and thinner than most. Being so thin, it only takes around 30 seconds to fry. A wiener schnitzel that spills over the plate and a genuine Viennese potato salad (or any other choice from 12 different salads on offer) are highly recommended, enjoy Austrian food at its best.

5 Wollzeile, Vienna, +43 1512 6177

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Steirereck is perhaps the best restaurant in Vienna, let alone the best that serves modern Austrian cuisine. Housed in a giant ultra-modern glass building in the city’s Stadtpark, Steirereck earned not one but two Michelin stars under chef Heinz Reitbauer. Its kitchen is inspired by the elements and flavors of nature. Steirereck’s house specialty is cooked in beeswax with yellow carrot pollen and sour cream. After trying this dish, you’ll agree that Steirereck has earned it’s position at 15 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

2a Am Heumarkt Im Stadtpark, Vienna, +43 1713 3168

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Restaurant Rote Bar

Hotel Sacher was founded in 1876, and Restaurant Rote Bar is one of its most famous restaurants. Restaurant Rote Bar stands for grandiose, calm, elegance, and luxury. Diners can enjoy their Austrian delicacies in two rooms. A dining room with dark red damask walls with large oil paintings, or a glass conservatory overlooking the opera house. In summer, the windows of the conservatory are folded up and a large open terrace appears. A live pianist will help create a sophisticated ambiance.

4 Philharmoniker Strasse, Vienna, +43 1514 56841