10 Must-Have Apps for Living in Vienna

Hidden streets in Vienna
Hidden streets in Vienna | © tpsdave / pixabay
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Arriving in a new city can be daunting — sometimes it requires a little help to ease you into a new way of life. Download these 10 apps to help you settle in, navigate yourself around the streets and get the best foodie tips.

Qando Wien

This one is vital in navigating yourself around the city like a local. Save your favourite destinations and plan your routes across the city with ease. Receive tips and news on public transport and traffic disruptions. A clear map of the city is also available, giving you details on all the available options to travel by train, tram, bike, on foot or by car. Also, it is totally free.

Find the app here.

Tram in Vienna


Your own personal city spirit guide, showing you the nearest pharmacy, petrol station, dog salon, vegan café and any other niche destinations you can dream up, Susi will help you in your hour of need. There is also a ‘Susi recommends’ section, giving insider tips on new openings of shops and restaurants around Vienna.

Find the app here.

Vienna Map and Walks

Vienna is a wonderful city to explore by foot and this app is a great accompaniment for those who like a bit of an amble. With a few self-guided tours, it will enable you to explore at leisure without the added risk of getting lost. With the added bonus of giving advice on where to find the best landmarks and hidden gems, this app lets you get to know the city inside out in no time.

Find the app here.

Vienna on the map


Wien.at is the official homepage of Vienna, giving you the latest local news, culture tips and much needed information about the going-ons in and around the city. Whether it is informing you of unexpected snowfall or letting you in on the secrets of historical landscapes, this app is a keeper.

Find the app here.


Quandoo is a trusty app for discovering the best eats in Vienna. Booking a table has never been easier — this one is perfect if you have last-minute dinner plans. With a huge number of restaurants to choose from, Quandoo does all the hard work for you.

Find the app here.

Wiener schnitzel served with French fries and salad

CityBike Wien

Vienna is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe with many of the busiest roads containing decent-sized cycle paths and directions for cyclists. There are approximately 120 bike stations dotted around the city, giving you the chance to explore the city in an inexpensive (approximately one euro per hour) and environmentally friendly way. Citybike enables you to find out where your nearest bike station is, and how many bikes are available.

Find the app here.


This Berlin-based company delivers your favourite restaurant food straight to your doorstep — with many of the orders being delivered by bike couriers. Choose from a wide range of gourmet cuisine, from Austrian to Asian dishes.

Find the app here.

Restaurant food in the comfort of your own home


Have one of the largest Austrian film databases at your fingertips. If planning a night at the movies in Vienna, Film.at will navigate your nearest cinema and give you all the listings. Other features include film trailers, information about cinemas and details on more than 30,000 films.

Find the app here.


While planning your week ahead, it’s always good to know what the weather is going to be like. It can be pretty unpredictable in Vienna so downloading this app will help you decide whether or not to take a raincheck on outdoor activities.
Find the app here.

The unpredictable weather in Vienna


Download this and you will never spend unnecessary time desperately searching for a parking space again. Free to download and easy to use, ParkU offers information on spaces at airports and locations in the city centre, giving you the option to pay in advance to avoid added hassle.

Find the app here.

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