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You Can Now Put Your Face on Your Own Suitcase (Because Why Not?)

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 4 September 2017
So long to the days of some stranger walking off with your bags at the airport…

You’ve just got of a 10+ hour flight, you’re exhausted and just want to be chauffeured off to a fabulous hotel or Airbnb, but there’s one problem: some idiot has taken your suitcase. Why? Because every darn one looks the same nowadays. If only there was a company out there that was thinking outside the confines of an ordinary suitcase. You know, the kind that comes up with awesome ideas like sticking a massive picture of your face onto your… oh wait, there is…

According to the peeps at Lonely Planet, a UK-based gifts and gadgets retailer called Firebox is creating custom-made polyester spandex face covers for your mini 4-wheelers. In order to get your own, all you have to do is upload a fabulous high-res selfie of yourself, and voila, they print it, box it and send the Head Case luggage cover directly to your door.

© Firebox

The covers are available in three sizes – small, medium or large – and easily attach to any suitcase via the use of two adjustable buckle fasteners.

So, if you’re sick to death of waiting at the carousel for yonks, get your finest smiley face on and order your very own Head Case here.

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