This Map Shows You Exactly When to Travel to Each Country

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If you’re one of those unlucky people who have to work full-time and can’t spend their lives jetting from exotic location to fantastic resort, planning your holidays is a big task.

And one of the most important aspects is deciding when you want to travel and booking those precious, precious vacation days off.

Of course, you’ll want to avoid going in the highest of high season. Crowds, expensive flights and overbooked accommodation? No thanks!

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But heading off in the middle of low season can be risky. It’s likely to be quiet, but with that comes the likelihood of shuttered attractions – not to mention that low season weather is often less than ideal.

What’s a world-curious traveller to do? These maps might be the answer. have put together a super-helpful series of maps that illustrate exactly when you should be travelling where.

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In an instant, you can easily view when the high and low seasons end for every country around the world, and can plan your trip accordingly.

Often, the best compromise is to travel in ‘shoulder season’, just before high season begins.

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Flight and accommodation prices won’t yet be sky high, attractions will be open and keen for customers and, best of all, the country won’t be crowded with snap-happy tourists.

Where are you planning to go next?

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