This Map Shows the Quickest (and Ultimate) Road Trip Across Europe

© Randy Olsen
© Randy Olsen
Photo of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor2 July 2018

Want to discover Europe this summer? This awesome map shows you how to get all the way from England to Italy and everywhere in between!

Last week, we introduced you to Randy Olson, the super-cool guy that mapped the quickest and ultimate road trip across America. However, we couldn’t just leave it there, because Randy also created this absolutely incredible road trip map of Europe — next holiday sorted?

Again, by using a carefully calculated route, the University of Michigan professor was able to figure out the fastest way to drive across the European continent, hitting all the major landmarks before coming full circle along the way.

There’s your route sorted | © Randy Olsen

In total, the epic trip covers 26,211km (16,287 mi.) and takes 14 full days of non-stop driving (and boats) to complete, so expect to dedicate at least three months if you’re going to take on (and fully enjoy) this road trip.

If you’ve got the time to complete the full circuit, you’ll encounter some of Europe’s most famous sights, including Turkey’s cultural capital Istanbul, England’s Stonehenge, The Netherlands’ Keukenhof Gardens, the canals of Venice, Monte Carlo and of course, London, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

To see the full interactive map, click here.

And here’s a full list (in order) of everything you’ll encounter on the epic road trip:
Innsbruck, Austria

Munich, Germany

Pag, Croatia

Florence cityscape | Ronny Bas / Shutterstock

Venice, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Gozo, Malta

Santorini | © Turtix / Shutterstock

Rila Monastery, Rilski manastir, Bulgaria

Istanbul, Turkey

Sighisoara, Mures County, Romania

Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria

Krakow, Poland

Jägala Waterfall, 74205 Harjumaa, Estonia

Budapest Parliament | © Luciano Mortula / Shutterstock

Lapland, Finland

ICEBAR, Marknadsvägen, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Bergen, Norway

Copenhagen, Denmark

Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keukenhof, Stationsweg, Lisse, Netherlands

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Inverness, United Kingdom

Ballybunion, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher | © Dny3d / Shutterstock

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Stonehenge, Amesbury, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Brussels, Belgium

Paris, France

Pamplona, Spain

Lagos, Portugal

Granada, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Parc Güell | © Luciano Mortula / Shutterstock

Luberone, Bonnieux, France

Nice, France

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Interlaken, Switzerland

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