This Map Shows the Most Powerful Passports in the World

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According to a recent ranking by Henley & Partners, citizens of Germany possess the most powerful passport in the world.

According to the research, which takes into account how many countries can be visited without having to go through the pains of applying for a visa, German passport holders can travel to 176 out of a possible 218 nations, visa free.

While many believe countries such as the USA and the UK would have topped the list, both fell in their rankings due to intense political relations with other nations across the globe.

The UK now ranks fourth alongside Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Singapore. The United States came in third as did Denmark, Finland, Italy and Spain.

Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan remain the least powerful passports with each granting visa-free access to fewer than 30 countries.

The 25 most powerful passports in the map above include:

1. Germany, 176 countries can be visited without a visa.

2. Sweden, 175

3. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, United States, 174

8. Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom, 173

16. Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, 172

19. Canada, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, 171

23. Australia, South Korea, 170

25. Iceland, 169

Speaking of the results, Dr Christian H. Kälin, chairman of Henley & Partners said: ‘We have witnessed several major events recently that are likely to have an impact on global mobility – including Brexit and the election of US President Donald Trump.’

‘Both can be interpreted as steps toward restricting movement and creating barriers to entry. This trend towards curbing travel freedom is already apparent in the shift in rankings on this year’s Visa Restrictions Index,’ Kälin continued.
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