This Map Shows Every Country's Tourism Slogan And It's Hilarious

Family Break Finder
Family Break Finder
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Social Content Editor13 April 2017

One of the great things about travelling is the over zealous advertising slogans countries around the world come up with to entice you to pack your bags, grab your passport and spend your hard-earned cash in their hotels, malls and restaurants.

In fact, some of the slogans are so ridiculous that the clever clogs at Family Break Finder put all the funny sayings and phrases together and shoved them all into this impressive map:

Family Break Finder

Here’s just a few that made us LOL:

1. Colombia – “Colombia Is Magical Realism”…

Family Break Finder

-But what does that even mean? (Here’s your answer)

2. The United States of America – “All Within Your Reach”…

Family Break Finder

-Unless you’re a minority… (But hopefully it doesn’t get to that point!)

3. Slovakia – “Travel in Slovakia, Good Idea”…

Family Break Finder

-Truly inspiring, really Slovakia, we’re packing our bags now. (But really, it’s just underrated)

4. Ireland – “Jump into Ireland”…

Family Break Finder

-We’d rather not, too cold. (Unless you’re visiting all the EPIC places in this gem of a country…)

5. Iran – “You Are Invited”…

Family Break Finder

-Really?! Could have fooled us. (Because, you know, isn’t that what tourism was designed for?)

6. The United Kingdom – “Home of Amazing Moments”…

Family Break Finder

-Pre Brexit, definitely. Post? Absolutely not. Just travel up and down the country and you’ll see the misery slapped hard on everyone’s face. (Fine, we don’t need to get too political. It’s just a bit of a shame)

7. Turkey – “Be Our Guest”…


-Well… (Although, Turkey IS known for its hospitality)

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