This Is the Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Food Lovers

© City Foodsters / Flickr
© City Foodsters / Flickr
If you’re the kind of person who follows their gut – literally – when choosing a travel destination, you’ll want to check out our ultimate foodie bucket list. From fine dining to street food and everything in between, these are the best places you really need to visit if you take your appetite seriously.

Oaxaca, Mexico

When it comes to Mexican food, there’s something delicious to try on pretty much every street corner. But if you had to choose just one place, Oaxaca tops the list every time thanks to its rich diversity of culinary influences – from Mesoamerican to Hispanic – and great street food. You won’t want to miss out on traditional tamales, mouth-watering tlayuas and even a crispy fried grasshopper (chapulines) or two.

Lyon, France

French cuisine is revered as the crème de la crème of sophisticated dining, though it’s in Lyon’s traditional and fairly unpretentious restaurants – known as Bouchon Lyonais – that you’ll find some of the best fare in the country. Home-made pâté, pungent cheeses and rich stews all washed down with a glass or five of local wine. Bon appétit!

Lyon © Jorge Franganillo / Flickr

New York City, USA

One of the biggest and most historic melting pots in the world, NYC is home to everything from traditional Jewish delis to avant-garde concept restaurants and everything in between. It has some of the best restaurants in the world, including number one restaurant Eleven Madison Park, and also some that are just too iconic not to love – Katz’ Deli, Peter Luger, etc.

Lima, Peru

Okay, so there’s being the home of ceviche which of course would make Peru one of the best places on earth to visit for food. But there’s also the fact that it, or more specifically Lima, has three of the fifty best restaurants in the world – Maido, Central and Astrid y Gaston – an accomplishment only shared by the likes of NYC, London and Mexico City.

Maido in Lima © Heather Sperling

Barcelona, Spain

The Catalan capital has earned its reputation as a foodie mecca whether you’re looking for fine dining or old-fashioned tapas bars. The city recently celebrated the recognition of its first ever three Michelin-star restaurant, Lasarte, while the Adrià brothers continue to build on their elBulli legacy with the likes of Tickets, Enigma and Hoja Santa. And if you’re a fan of cooking as much as you are eating, the Boqueria market is basically food porn.

Bangkok, Thailand

The street food of Thailand is world-famous and anyone who has walked through the streets of Bangkok at least once in their life will know why. There are fragrant curries, juicy satay skewers, crispy stir-fries, spicy noodles, fresh seafood, mouth-watering desserts and plenty of surprises along the way too – all of which will cost you less than the price of a fancy latte back home.

Food is everywhere in Thailand CC0 Pixabay

London, UK

In the not too distant past, British cuisine was considered not much more than fish & chips and a gravy-rich Sunday roast. Yet these days London is one of the most thriving food capitals of the world, drawing on the rich cultural diversity of the English capital, as well as the enthusiasm and passion of a new generation of chefs who no longer worship French idols. The ‘Modern British’ approach puts emphasis on the quality of the produce to create ingredient-led dishes with a distinctively British accent.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Three times voted best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine, Noma catapulted Copenhagen onto the global foodie stage. Since then, a new wave of chefs have fed the burgeoning food scene and made the world fall a little more in love with Scandinavian cuisine. The likes of Amas, Relæ and 108 are some of the hippest eateries you can visit in Europe, while the upmarket Torvehallerne food market is the more casual way to get a taste of the city.

A Noma dish © cyclonebill / Flickr

Bologna, Italy

As the country that gave the world both pizza and pasta, Italy has to be on pretty much any foodie bucket list, yet knowing where to go can be a little tricky. If you had to choose just one place, you might as well listen to the Italians themselves who have nicknamed Bologna ‘La Grassa’ or ‘The Fat One’ in reference to its exceptional food. Close proximity to the mountainous north and the sea give it access to some of the country’s finest ingredients such as Parma ham, parmesan cheese and white truffles.

Los Angeles, USA

It seems it’s no longer just movie stars who come to make it big in the City of Angels. LA has one of the hottest food scenes in the US, thanks to the arrival of a number of talented young chefs who have helped shape the local dining scene. There’s also a remarkable Asian influence – especially in the city’s famous Korea Town – and the tacos trucks serve some of the best Mexican grub this side of border.

Leo's Taco Truck in LA © T.Tseng / Flickr