These Are The Most Peaceful Countries in the World

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If you’re thinking of a dream trip, why not opt for one of these peaceful destinations?

Once a year, the top notch guys and gals at the Institute of Economics and Peace calculate the Global Peace Index (GPI) – a handy little tool which provides ‘a comprehensive analysis on the state of peace’ in 163 nations.

The criteria is simple. In order for a state to be deemed peaceful, it must rank highly on each of the 23 measurements that the GPI take into account, which fall under three broad categories: the level of societal safety and security, the
extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict and the degree of militarisation.

Itching to find out which nation came out on top? Check out the 10 most peaceful spots on Earth below:

10. Ireland (tied, 10th place)…

Skellig Michael

Score: 1.408

The Republic of Ireland got tops marks for low levels of political instability and terror.

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10. Japan (tied, 10th place)…

Mt. Fuji

Score: 1.408

Japan got joint 10th place with the Republic of Ireland because of its low number of homicides and the difficulty of accessing weapons.

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9. Switzerland…

The Matterhorn

Score: 1.373

Switzerland is ranked at number nine due its political neutrality and its lack of both internal and external conflicts.

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8. Canada…

Niagara Falls

Score: 1.371

Regarded as much more peaceful than its southern neighbour, the United States, Canada nabs eighth spot for political stability and for some of the friendliest cities on the planet.

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7. Slovenia…

© Lake Bled

Score: 1.364

This eastern European beauty gets the seventh spot on this list for minimal internal conflicts and its high police presence.

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6. Czech Republic…


Score: 1.360

The Czech Republic scores high for its low military spending and crime rates.

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5. Denmark…


Score: 1.337

Aside from being the happiest place on Earth, it’s also one of the more peaceful (because it’s so happy).

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4. Austria…

Austrian Alps

Score: 1.265

Austria comes in at number four for peaceful elections and few weapon imports.

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3. Portugal…


Score: 1.258

Affordability, happiness, political neutrality, low crime rates and beauty, make Portugal ones of the most peaceful places in Europe.

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2. New Zealand…

Arthur’s Pass

Score: 1.241

The Kiwis grabbed the number two spot for their lack of internal conflict or violence.

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1. Iceland…


Score: 1.111

The land of ‘ice and fire’ gets top marks for low scores on homicides, number of people in jail, and terrorism.

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