The Top European Cities for Solo Travelers

Man enjoying the view of Florence, Italy
Man enjoying the view of Florence, Italy | © Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
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If you’re traveling solo through Europe, you may be wondering exactly where to go. While most of Europe is safe and easy for solo travelers, some cities are really ideal, thanks to hassle-free public transport and infrastructure, an abundance of hostels and coffee shops where you can meet other solo travelers, plenty of solo-friendly activities and reasonable prices. Here’s our guide to the best European cities for solo travelers.

Seville, Spain

Seville is perfect for a solo traveler looking for a sunny destination full of activity. The small city is always bustling and the Andalusian flavor it emits is intoxicating. A mix of cultures and architectures, Seville’s history includes everything from the Moors to Christian kings and Jewish influence too. With a flourishing flamenco scene and the locals constantly out and about having drinks and tapas, there’s no doubt you’ll make friends immediately. Plus, the city is safe and lodging and food are cheap as can be.

Dona Maria Coronel, old city center, Seville

Budapest, Hungary

Prague’s lesser-visited little sister, Budapest, is actually two cities spanning the Danube River: Buda and Pest. Those looking for a little nightlife will instantly fall for the ruin bar scene: nightclubs and bars set up in old factories, abandoned lots and buildings. While it sounds a bit shady at first, these makeshift bars are really cool ways to meet new people and experience Hungarian nightlife. The abundance of public bathhouses also makes for a cool solo activity: after a long day of walking the hilly city, relax in a jacuzzi or steam room.

Szechenyi Baths in Budapest

Dublin, Ireland

Beer lovers should head to Dublin, where the friendly locals and vibrant pub scene ensure you’ll make new friends in no time. Touring the Guinness Factory, while not cheap, is a great way to spend the afternoon. Wandering Dublin’s city center to check out vintage shops, pubs and the famous Trinity College is a wonderful way to explore and the Irish are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Pubs, restaurants and bars in the city centre, Dublin

Florence, Italy

One of Italy’s most charming towns, you may feel a bit sad at first that you aren’t visiting Florence with a significant other when you see lovers strolling the Arno River hand-in-hand. However, you’ll soon realize that Florence is an inclusive city that welcomes everyone – especially solo travelers. Many students and foreigners live and study in Florence, and there’s plenty of bars that offer language exchanges for those wanting to try their luck at Italian. Plus, the city’s epic art scene keeps you from feeling lonely: you’ll be right there with your friends Michaelangelo, Da Vinci and Botticelli.

An artist on the Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence, Italy, working on a painting

Paris, France

The city of light might seem overwhelming at first for a solo traveler, but the metro, which is the second busiest in Europe is easy to navigate and will get you wherever you need to go. Each station is actually just 550 meters from the next, so you’ve always got a way to get from A to B. With over 173 museums and over 450 green spaces and parks, you could literally spend a year there and not see it all – you’ll never be bored in Paris.

Paris street Rue Tiquetonne in late afternoon, France


Active solo travelers can easily participate in Amsterdam’s most beloved method of transport: biking! While you’ll have to be attentive on the road, bike lanes are clearly marked and drivers respect and are aware of bike traffic. If you don’t feel comfortable heading out alone on two wheels to explore the canals, join a bike tour. In fact, Mike’s Bike Tours offers both city and countryside tours where a solo traveler can make new friends and get to know the city.

Amsterdam canal cruise


The only island destination on our list, Malta is great for the solo traveler who wants to combine beach time with history and culture. Plus, English is spoken there too so it’s an easy spot for anyone worried about a language barrier. The island’s rich history includes Romans, Moors, French and British rule with an abundance of castles, fortresses and temples to explore, some dating back to BC.

Streets in Rabat, Gozo, Malta


Berlin has a number of hostels geared towards solo travelers so you’ll never get lonely. Visiting the famous Holocaust Memorial or the Berlin Wall alone are special times for solo reflection. The best part about visiting Berlin alone is that no one cares! Berlin is full of coffee shops and co-working spaces with lots of people working and dining alone, so you definitely won’t stand out there.

Bars and restaurants in Goerlitzer Park, Berlin

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