The Most Amazing Subway Stations In The World (And Where To Find Them)

Credit: Shutterstock/Marco Rubino
Credit: Shutterstock/Marco Rubino

Forget the rats, the debauchery, garbage, and filth because these ravishing subway stations go against every negative underground horror story imaginable. Beautiful, vibrant and architecturally stunning, the hidden fortresses below are without doubt the most incredible concrete abysses you will ever see – we promise, they’re totes amazeballs.

1. Solna Centrum Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden…

This exposed rock organic beauty looks more like a giant cave than it does a subway station. You’ll also find a few old demolished buildings and relics scattered throughout.

Nearby attractions: Solna Centrum shopping mall.

2. Avtovo Subway Station, St. Petersburg, Russia…

This fabulously ornate underground world is full of wonderfully gilt spears, swords, shield, chandeliers and great columns – how very posh.

Nearby attractions: Museum of Anna Akhmatova and the Silver and Avtovo Circus.

3. Westminster Underground Station, London, United Kingdom…

The original site dates all the way back to high Victoriana of the late 1800s, but an £80m redevelopment in 1999 saw the station dramatically depended and redesigned in an awesome cyberpunk aesthetic. Totally worth it in our eyes.

Nearby attractions: The Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and London Eye.

4. Astor Place, Manhattan, New York City, USA…

Far humbler than Grand Central Terminal, Astor Place charms with its mix of original beaver-themed art deco tile work. Expect lots of modern porcelain murals. Now, it’s mostly covered up in random notes of kindness, which is just as awesome.

Nearby attractions: NYU, Little Italy and Chinatown.

5. Monroe CTA Station, Chicago, USA…

This art deco station is home to the longest subway platform in the world. It’s notable for it’s extreme Arte Moderne style. Simply marvellous.

Nearby attractions: Chicago Millennium Park and Cloud Gate.

6. Dupont Subway Station, Toronto, Canada…

Skip the train and just go here to see the most sleek flower mosaics in the entire world. There’s thousands of them and they are all made out of colorful pieces of glass.

Nearby attractions: Casa Loma and The Royal Museum of Ontario.

7. Universidad De Chile, Santiago, Chile…

Whilst Santiago’s subway system is very young, Mario Toral’s incredible murals tells the history of the nation in such an epic style that it’s too good to miss.

Nearby attractions: La Moneda Palace and the Paseo Ahumada shopping district.

8. Bur Jurman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates…

Exceptionally gorgeous blue chandeliers hang over the elaborately decorated concourse featuring images of pearl divers swimming through underwater paradises. So Dubai, if you ask us.

Nearby attractions: BurJurman Shopping Mall and the Dubai Museum.

9. Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy…

This show-stopping subway station looks as though it should be in a Disney movie…Probably Frozen, if you ask us.

Nearby attractions: The Home Gallery and Naples Harbour

10. Kievskaya Subway Station, Moscow, Russia…

Grand, imperial, extravagant, palatial – everything you associate with Russia’s capital. This place is so lavish that it even inspired the great novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky (read Crime and Punishment and you’ll see what we mean).

Nearby attractions: Toprobo Shopping Center and Moscow River

11. Szent Gellért Square Subway Station, Budapest, Hungary…
The tiles say it all really. Go see it now.
Nearby attractions: The Great Citadel and Danube River.

12. City Hall Station, Manhattan, New York City, USA…
Probably the finest example of subway chic you will ever see. That is all.
Nearby attractions: Brooklyn Bridge and One World Trade Center.

13. North Korea Subway Station (yes, the whole thing)

100 meters below ground, the amazing Pyongyang Metro system is one of the deepest commuter systems in the world. It’s also one of the opulent and most secret – too pretty to be hidden if you ask us.
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