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The Best Hangover Food From Around the World

© Pexels
© Pexels
It’s almost midday and your last memory is of the bartender of your favorite bar offering you some vodka shots the night before. You have a bad headache, you’re feeling nauseous, and your mouth is dry. Indeed, hangovers are a universal side-effect after a good night out. Culture Trip invites you to check out some of the best hangover food from around the world, to give you inspiration next time you need reviving after a night out.


English people have a reputation for engaging in heavy drinking. When hungover, they turn to a British staple – the English Breakfast. This includes beans, eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and toast.


In the country of famous for producing champagne, the solution to hangovers was always going to be based around food, food, and…food. However, unlike the English and their greasy, carb-filled breakfast, the French method of recovery involves something much lighter – onion soup.


Germans and beers, beers and Germans – a historic relationship. If you think the idea of having onion soup is bad enough, Germany’s Katerfrühstück, which includes pickled herring, gherkin and onion (yes, onion seems to be a must), will probably make you queasy. As the famous expression goes, erst denken, dann trinken! (First think, then drink).


Ironically, in the country that invented pizza, consumption of food is not considered wise when hungover. Italians just drink an espresso and hope this will sort it out.

Espresso. The base ingredient for the majority of our drinks. Have you tried it black? #rossocoffeeroasters #espresso #yyc

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The magic of Raki claims victims everyday. Fortunately, the Turks know how to handle it. After a drunken night out, they turn to Kokoreç: grilled sheep intestines, chopped up with tomatoes and peppers.


In a country where alcohol and its regulations are still subject to debate, the drink to have the morning after a crazy night partying is the Prairie Oyster, a type of cocktail which consists of eggs, tea, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and Tabasco sauce. Make drinking great again.


When it comes to hangovers, Aussies choose to eat toasted bread with vegemite and butter on it to recover faster from alcohol self-induced pain. We dare you to try it – either you love it or you hate it.

Kids favorite breakfast spread.. paano!? #vegemite #melbourne #australia

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Austrians won’t let their hangover gain the upper hand. Directly before going to bed, they’ll eat either Goulash Soup or Würstels to ensure they wake up feeling fresh.


What about the earth spinning when you’re hungover? Polish astronomer Copernicus, who discovered that the earth revolved around the sun, probably didn’t know. But modern Polish people do. Pickle juice is their remedy of choice to get rid of the alcohol in your bloodstream.


Mexicans consume tripe soup for their hangover cure, otherwise known as menudo. It is made with cow innards, pepper, and chili. Just take it easy.


Croatians know how to handle their hangovers: Borek, a baked pastry filled with ingredients, is a popular remedy; so is eating tomatoes.

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To feel better after a night on the town, Slovenians consume sour soup called Štajerska Kisela Juha. A common belief is that whenever you are hungover, you have to eat greasy food. So, really, any greasy food is fine.