The 15 Coolest Castle Hotels in Europe

Chateau de Bagnols Suite | © Corona Mejora Tu Vida/Flickr
Chateau de Bagnols Suite | © Corona Mejora Tu Vida/Flickr
Photo of Alice Dundon
5 December 2017

Every wanted to live it up like royalty? While marrying Prince Charming or claiming a crown might be out of your reach, spending the night in a fairytale castle is possible when travelling through Europe. Nestled in beautiful landscapes, overlooking mountain ridges and filled with history, the continent is brimming with luxury castle escapes. Here are the 15 coolest castle hotels in Europe.

Dornoch Castle Hotel, Dornoch

Boutique Hotel, Suite Hotel, Hotel
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Garden at Dornoch Castle Hotel in the Scottish Highlands
Garden at Dornoch Castle Hotel in the Scottish Highlands | © Karen Bryan/Flickr
Dornoch Castle Hotel is located in the beautiful Scottish town of Dornoch in the Scottish Highlands. The 22-suite hotel has several room types including Garden Standard, Deluxe, Superior and the award-winning Old Courtroom, all situated in the oldest part of the castle and modern extension. Family-owned and run, the castle has been carefully refurbished to maintain an authentic ambience, while also providing guests with a touch of luxury and comfort.

Amberley Castle, Amberley

Bed and Breakfast, Garden Hotel
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Courtesy of Amberley Castle / Expedia

Rich with history, this stunning castle has been nestled in the English countryside for 900 years. In the picturesque village of Amberley, Amberley Castle is the crown jewel of the bucolic South Downs town. The castle may be filled with history, but guests will find all the modern comforts in their rooms, such as four-poster beds and whirlpool baths. The surrounding gardens are perfectly groomed and lush, where guests can idly wander and explore stunning medieval architecture amid an air of tranquility.

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Hotel Burg Wernberg, Wernberg-Köblitz

Independent Hotel, Hotel
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Castle Wernberg
Castle Wernberg | © Alois Köppl, Gleiritsch/WikiCommons
Hotel Burg Wernberg offers fairytale-like accommodation and a world-class gourmet restaurant headed by two-star Grand Chef Thomas Kellermann, in the heart of the Bavarian countryside. The restored 12th-century castle offers romantic rooms fit for royalty, and a large venue space to host weddings and lavish parties. Sitting high on a hill, the hotel offers panoramic views of the Bavarian countryside. A truly unique and special experience, it’s a luxury retreat steeped in history.

Burghotel Auf Schönburg Oberwesel, Oberwesel

Resort, Hotel
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Hotel Schönburg
Hotel Schönburg | © Marie Thérèse Hébert & Jean Robert Thibault/Flickr
Hotel Schönburg is one of the most elegant and beautiful castle hotels in Germany. Boasting stunning views of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the castle itself is a sight to see. With roaring open fires, lavish surrounding grounds and an intimate library, guests can indulge in the finer things of life here. Its origins date back to 911 and 1166 before it fell victim to feuds in the 17th century and was burnt down by the French in 1689. Since then, it has been lovingly restored and converted into a hotel that maintains all its original charm.

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Traditional, Romantic, Countryside, Unusual, Boutique, Historic

Hotel Schloss Thannegg - Moosheim, Gröbming-Michaelerberg

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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Hotel Schloss Thannegg
Hotel Schloss Thannegg | © Ewaldgabardi/WikiCommons
Hotel Schloss Thannegg is nestled among the Austrian Alps, with stunning views of snowcapped mountains. This ethereal mountain retreat is the perfect winter escape and the hotel has its own ski shuttle, free for guests to use during their alpine adventures. Steeped in history, the castle’s ceilings date back to 1150 and the wine cellar is over 850 years old. A winter fairytale retreat, it’s the perfect place for a romantic holiday or family skiing trip.

Swinton Estate, Masham

Bed and Breakfast, Suite Hotel, Spa Hotel
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Swinton Park
Swinton Park | © vagueonthehow/Flickr

The luxurious castle hotel, Swinton Park, is located in the rolling valleys of Yorkshire Dales. The grey stoned and ivy-covered castle is surrounded by 200 acres of lush, green grounds that house reindeer and swans. The 31-room hotel is thoughtfully decorated with antique furnishings, oil paintings, stone fireplaces and canopy beds, creating a historic yet comfortable atmosphere. The hotel also houses award-winning restaurants, an aviary with birds of prey, a cooking school and a relaxing spa with sauna. The secluded location, surrounding English countryside and impressive amenities make it the perfect country escape.

About this place:

Countryside, Cosy, Romantic, Traditional, Historic

Abbaye de la Bussière, La Bussière-sur-Ouche

Budget Hotel
Map View
Abbaye de la Bussière
Abbaye de la Bussière | © N FRATTER/WikiCommons
Abbaye de la Bussière is a former 12th-century monastery situated in six hectares of beautiful parkland, in the heart of Burgundy. The luxury hotel offers guests rooms full of charm and dramatic interiors, with vaulted ceilings, huge stained glass windows and carved stone walls. It’s a haven of tranquility and peace, combining authentic monastery ambience with modern luxury.

Schlosshotel Kronberg, Kronberg im Taunus

Independent Hotel, Cottages, Hotel
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Schlosshotel Kronberg
Schlosshotel Kronberg | © Stew Dean/Flickr

Grandeur, high-end luxury and a regal air shroud Schlosshotel Kronberg, the large castle estate and surrounding grounds are perfectly manicured to create an ultimate sense of indulgence. The hotel’s main focus is on health and well-being, offering both golf and beauty packages, a beauty cottage and an 18-hole golf course. The nearby town of Taunus is renowned for its ancient charm, rich forested landscapes and beautiful mountains. Whether guests want to hide away in the castle or explore the surrounding areas, they are sure to be treated to a historic, stunning trip.

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein, Salzburg

Bed and Breakfast, Suite Hotel, Hotel, Luxury
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Courtesy of Hotel Schloss Monchstein / Expedia

Adorned with luxury and romance is the historic castle hotel, Hotel Schloss Mönchstein. Positioned on top of Monchsberg Mountain, with panoramic views of Salzburg, the hotel’s lofty location offers a relaxing retreat among the Austrian Alps. Despite the castle’s secluded location, guests can reach most of Salzburg’s attractions in less than 10 minutes using the Monchsberg elevator. Offering 24 spacious rooms and suites, as well as an infinity pool, outdoor terrace with a fireplace and a restaurant, with the option of dining in the tower spire, Schloss Mönchstein is the mountainous escape fit for royalty.

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Relais Castel Porrona, Cinigiano

Independent Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel
Map View
Castel Porrona
Castel Porrona | © Pinotto42/WikiCommons

Nestled deep in the picturesque hills of Tuscany, is Castel Porrona. The castle stands as the royal centrepiece in a charming, medieval village, Porrona, whose origins date back to the 11th century. Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and rolling hills, the 25-room hotel offers stunning views of the sweeping landscape. The hotel’s decor embodies the elegance of medieval times, with contemporary luxury. Guests can make the most of sunny weather and enjoy authentic Italian food and Tuscan wine on the flower-lined terrace

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  • Castello Delle Quattro Torra, Siena

    Bed and Breakfast, Apartment
    Map View
    Castello delle Quattro Torra
    Castello delle Quattro Torra | © Sailko/WikiCommons

    At the edge of a tree-lined slope, a short drive from Siena lies Castello Delle Quattro Torra. Originally belonging to the Cinughis, an aristocratic feudal family from Siena, it was the site of much drama during the war of Siena in 1555. After this tumultuous period, peace was restored to the area and the castle became a picturesque and quiet country residence, continuing this tradition today as a family-run bed-and-breakfast. With only three rooms, including an apartment and a two-story tower room, this cosy palace offers a more affordable, yet romantic castle stay.

    Château de Bagnols, Bagnols

    Independent Hotel, Bed and Breakfast
    Map View
    Chateau de Bagnols
    Chateau de Bagnols | © Corona Mejora Tu Vida/Flickr

    It doesn’t get more authentic than Château de Bagnols, complete with a moat, drawbridge and perfectly manicured gardens. The wonderfully romantic five-star hotel is as stunning inside as it is outside, with opulent interiors that include roaring fireplaces, lavish four-poster beds and intricately painted walls. The rooms and grounds are exquisite, transporting guest in time and indulging them in an array of regal delights.

    Fenton Tower, North Berwick

    Independent Hotel, Hotel
    Map View
    Fenton Tower
    Fenton Tower | © Richard Webb/WikiCommons

    Standing as a magnificent fortress above the expansive farmland of East Lothian, Fenton Tower offers stunning views over the Firth of Forth. The meticulously restored space once housed King James VI of Scotland when he was on the run from a rebel army. Now, it offers a place for guests to escape within a secluded Scottish landscape. The luxurious accommodation can house up to 12 guests and its welcoming staff offer outstanding service, cuisine and a romantic atmosphere.

    Lough Eske Castle, a Solis Hotel & Spa, Lough Eske

    Bed and Breakfast, Spa Hotel
    Map View
    Lough Eske Castle
    Lough Eske Castle | © Cullion/Flickr

    A secluded lakeside estate and spa, Lough Eske Castle, is a five-star castle hotel just outside Donegal Town. Associated with the O’Donnell family, who were the founding fathers of Donegal, the castle is rich in history dating back to the 1400s. The countryside retreat includes a renowned spa, infinity pool and lush surrounding gardens that help guest relax, pamper and indulge. Lovingly restored to blend its historic roots with contemporary comforts, the rooms are large, tastefully decorated and house luxurious bathrooms.

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    Hotel de la Cité Carcassonne

    Bed and Breakfast, Casino Hotel, Hotel, Villa, Suite Hotel
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    Located in the heart of the medieval citadel of Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hotel de la Cité makes guests feel like they’re living in a fairytale. Steeped in luxury, guests can soak in a sunset on the castle’s terrace, before sitting down to a delectable dinner in the Michelin-starred restaurant. The interior embodies an opulent, historic luxury, with antique decor and large art hanging on the walls of light-filled rooms. The hotel also offers a refreshing pool, where guests can swim, tan and lounge, along with a wellness spa to ensure visitors have a relaxing, refreshing stay.

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