Millennials Are Moving to These Cities for Cheap Booze and Jobs

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It’s been a week of poll and travel reports in the tourism world of late. Finland is the safest country in the world and Romania requires the most personal space apparently. Now there’s another interesting table of results, and this time it involves millennials.

German apartment search engine Nestpick has been busy lately. So busy in fact they’ve ranked 100 global cities on oodles of specially chosen and pitched criterion: ‘Gender equality,’ ‘How good the nightlife is’, ‘startup success’ and so on. What’s the point you ask? Well, it’s all to do with those pesky millennials again. Overall the revealing study quantifies what it is that makes the kids of today choose a particular destination to unwind (or take a selfie) in. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly high internet speeds and good food that attracts them.

The beautiful city of Amsterdam came in at number one, followed by two German cities, Berlin and Munich. A staggering nine places on the list hail from Europe. Sadly the US didn’t even make the top 10, although good news for Austin, Texas who came in at 41. There was no sign of major world capitals like London or New York either in the top 10 – both make you extremely poor if you didn’t already know…

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10:

10. Vancouver, Canada

Why’s it so great? A hot startup scene secures Vancouver’s spot in the top 100. And according to Nestpick, the place is great for music lovers too!

9. Paris, France

Why’s it so great? Essentially it’s because the ‘City of Light’ is so beautiful. Millennials also love the number of cultural sites on offer here too. Oh and the people are just gorgeous.

8. Cologne, Germany

Why’s it so great? Great networking opportunities, employment prospects and an ultra friendly LGBTQ-scene secures Cologne’s spot on the list.

7. Lyon, France

Why’s it so great? CHEESE! No, we’re just kidding. But you will find great cheese though… The French city scores well for a healthy lifestyle, great transport links and high internet speeds.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Why’s it so great? It’s hard getting a job here, but top-notch tapas, sangria, a beach, Gaudi and sexy people means Barcelona is high up on the millennial radar.

5. Antwerp, Belgium

Why’s it so great? Internet speed (they need to get those selfies up ASAP) and nightlife – oh and interestingly they love it because of the number of Apple stores in town. *Rolls eyes.*

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Why’s it so great? Aside from the fact that Lisbon is absolutely beautiful, the Portuguese city ranks highly for transport, food and beer. So it’s all about getting fat and taking the tram home in these parts.

3. Munich, Germany

Why’s it so great? High employment rates and general job prospects makes Munich highly desirable for fresh young talent. Great beer too.

2. Berlin, Germany

Why’s it so great? One word: nightlife. If you’ve ever been to the Berghain, then you know what we’re talking about. #techno.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why’s it so great? ‘Dam has a perfect LGBTQ-friendliness score, and is an awesome place for new business and tourism in general.

Looks like we’re all off to start our new lives in Amsterdam.

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