Everybody's Going Mad and Booking Their Vacation Tickets Today

Breathtaking view of Bohey Dulang
Breathtaking view of Bohey Dulang | © Nokuro / Shutterstock
If you’ve chosen today as the right time to book your summer getaway, then you’re not alone. New figures suggest the third Monday in July is the most popular day to book a vacation.

When it comes to booking a holiday, we’re more predictable than we might think. Information from Hostelworld reveals a 40% upsurge in bookings on either the first, second or third Monday in July since 2014.

It’s thought this spike is caused by people looking to beat the Monday blues and their lust for adventure, fuelled by social media and warmer weather.

The busiest day for bookings also depends on other factors like whether or not there’s been a major international football event in June.

Our online behaviour is more predictable than we might think © Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Hostelworld found that during the FIFA World Cup (2014) and UEFA European Championships (2016) their busiest day fell earlier in the month, compared to a summer without any international soccer.

Where might all these people be going, we hear you ask? Unsurprisingly Italy is the most popular destination, followed by Spain, Germany and the USA.