11 Tattoos of Food From Around the World That Will Make You Hungry

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo of your favourite food?

If you love it enough to want to eat it forever, you could get it inked onto your skin as a permanent reminder of the food you love to eat when you travel.

Keep the memories of the flawless pizza you ate in Italy forever


Reveal your deep love for traditional French sauce bases by getting them tattooed on your knuckle


Constantly dreaming of biting into a buttery, flaky French croissant? Let the world know


If you love nothing more than to lose yourself in a steaming bowl of Japanese ramen, get it put on your body forever


If you’re from Chicago and can’t get enough of Chicago-style hot dogs, this could be the ink for you

For those who don’t know, a Chicago hot dog is a beef sausage in a poppy seed bun topped with mustard, chopped onions, pickles, relish, tomato slices, pickled chilli peppers and celery salt.


If sushi is your favourite food, commemorate that by getting a cute nigiri drawn onto your body


Life’s a peach when you have a Korean peach tattoo


In love with Brie? There’s no shame in loving the French cheese so much you want it on your body forever


If your body is frequently a temple to pasta, make it an actual temple to the Italian foodstuff


Show the world that you’re squarely in the millennial bracket with a tattoo of California’s favourite, the avocado


If your love for tea is as bottomless as a never-ending teapot, ink it onto your skin forever


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