Where to Try Khash in Yerevan

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Khash is a traditional dish enjoyed not only in Armenia, but in Albania, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Mongolia, Iraq, and Iran. Here’s the scoop about khash and where to find it Yerevan.

The preparation process

Khash is a dish of boiled sheep or cow parts, which might include the feet, head, and stomach. The name originated from the Armenian verb xašel, which translates into English as “to boil.” Traditionally, it is eaten as a breakfast with crumbles of lavash bread (an unleavened flatbread made in a tandoor oven) in Armenia; however, you can try it as a lunch or dinner at several restaurants in Yerevan.

The main ingredient for khash soup, as mentioned above, is cows’ feet. However, other parts of the cow are also used in the preparation process along with onion, chili pepper, garlic, water, salt, and dry chive leaves.

The process of making the soup is like a ritual in Armenia. First of all, the feet are thoroughly cleaned, kept under cold running water, and cut. They need to be placed under running water for at least 10 hours or overnight. This makes cooking time shorter and easier.

The main custom is that Armenians eat khash during the cold months of the year. It’s a comfort food in winter, but some parts of the region eat the soup year-round. Another custom is that khash is considered as a breakfast meal for many Armenians, but some like to eat it for lunch or dinner as well. Here, khash is a very heavy meal, that’s why it’s acceptable to eat it in the morning. It fuels a person with energy, and eating it in the morning gives the body time to digest.

How to eat khash

When you order khash, make sure to add garlic and salt right away before eating it. Remove the feet from your plate or bowl, place them on a separate plate and cover with lavash to keep them warm. Crumble dried lavash into the soup until the liquid thickens and becomes like a sponge. Once you are done with all the preparations, dive in and enjoy the meal. You can eat the meat after you’ve enjoyed the khash, or you can cut the meat into pieces and add it back into the khash after it has been prepared.


Where to go to try khash

1. Pandok Yerevan

Restaurant, European

This restaurant and tavern offers a pleasant atmosphere and a wide variety of Armenian dishes, some of which have existed for centuries and are the favorite dishes of many Armenians. Here, you will try authentic Armenian cuisine, and even a few forgotten recipes as well. Moreover, the venue is a great place to try khash throughout the day. It comes in a small bowl, so you might want to order a few other delicious staples of the local cuisine as well. Prices are quite affordable as well, and a bowl of khash costs 2,000 AMD ($4.15/£3.14).

2. Our Village / Mer Gyugh Restaurant

Restaurant, European

© Georgian Recipes / WikiCommons

For those of you who’d like to try meals that are more homemade, this venue is perfect for you. Similar to other local restaurants, Our Village serves khash to visitors, but it is only served seasonally, as the restaurant focuses on using only the freshest ingredients.

Khash is prepared from the feet of cows

3. Hin Zangezur Tavern

Restaurant, European

© Unknown / WikiCommons

Hin Zangezur is a budget-friendly tavern offering local cuisine with traditional Armenian music and dances every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The menu here is quite diverse and might seem overwhelming, but one thing is for sure: the venue offers delicious khash to its visitors any time of the day or year.

4. Noyan restaurant

Restaurant, European

Noyan used to be a small restaurant, but now it has large and small halls, and even a lounge bar. This place is still a favorite dining venue for many locals and city visitors. Its hearty khash is one of the most popular meals on the menu.

Armenians eat khash in the morning as a breakfast during the cold months

5. OJAKH Restaurant

Restaurant, European

Ojakh Restaurant is an excellent place to spend time with friends and family and experience Armenian hospitality. The venue offers several rooms, including an exhibition room showcasing Armenian contemporary artists. There is also a winter garden and a pink hall for bigger celebrations. The varied menu full of delicious dishes would not be complete without khash.

6. Old Erivan (Hin Yerevan)

Restaurant, European, Russian, Georgian

As its name already suggests, Old Erivan transports you to the past with its decorations and interior architecture. With a very welcoming staff and delicious food, Old Erivan is one of the most popular places for many locals. It’s also one of those places where you can try tasty khash.

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