The Best Restaurants for Armenian Food in Yerevan

One of the restaurants in Yerevan
One of the restaurants in Yerevan | © Sebastian Wallroth / WikiCommons

Armenia and its cuisine have a long history. With diverse options, Armenians are proud of their culinary traditions. Here are some of the best restaurants in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, where you can try the excellent culinary wanders.

1. Dolmama Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Middle Eastern

© © Lesya Dolyk / Flickr | © Lesya Dolyk / Flickr

For a unique experience and authentic meals, try Dolmama, which specializes in reviving traditional Armenian meals and giving them a special touch. As the name suggests, the core meal here is dolma, ground meat wrapped in fresh grape leaves. However, to make their dolma unique, Dolmama exchanges the minced meat for a slice of sirloin cooked with chili and rosemary. The dish is always served with yogurt and garlic sauce.

2. Lavash Restaurant

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lavash rolls
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Lavash Restaurant specializes in lavash breakfast wraps, which are wrapped in the traditional Armenian flatbread, which looks like a tortilla. When visiting the restaurant, you can observe the lavash-making process on the first floor. The menu is a combination of local and regional meals and is updated regularly. You can also buy a wide range of agricultural products at Lavash that are straight from the farm, including eggs, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, cream fat, and honey.

3. Anoush Restaurant

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Set within the Republica Hotel Yerevan, Anoush offers authentic local cuisine created with only the finest fresh ingredients. Its cozy interior is adorned with wood accents, which creates a pleasant atmosphere in which to try authentic meals prepared by well-trained chefs. The menu is diverse and includes salads, soups, meat dishes, vegetarian options, hot and cold appetizers, barbeque, and desserts.

4. Tospia Restaurant

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Tospia Restaurant introduces the best of modern and traditional Armenian meals. The pleasant background music makes for an enjoyable dining experience, and the menu has loads of options, including tons of meat and vegetable dishes. Try the boiled lamb or beef dish called khashlama; the dolma; or the ghapama, a traditional stuffed pumpkin dish. Tospia also offers barbecued pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

5. Hin Zangezur Tavern

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To experience local music and dance, head to Hin Zangezur Tavern on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, when the Old Zangezur Ensemble plays folk music and performs traditional dances. Looking at the menu, you might feel a bit overwhelmed due to the many choices on offer, but the friendly staff is always happy to help and might offer some samples of the local cuisine.

6. Mer Taghe

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A visit to Armenia would not be complete without having tasted delicious traditional lahmajun. Often translated as “Armenian pizza,” Mer Taghe serves this dish in a simple, cozy, and down-to-earth atmosphere. On top of the very thin freshly made dough, the chefs add ground meat mixed with parsley, tomatoes, and onions, and it’s served with a squeeze of lemon. Combine it with a yogurt drink called Tan for an inexpensive, filling, and delicious meal.

7. Our Village / Mer Gyugh Restaurant

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© Georgian Recipes / WikiCommons

This cozy restaurant is famous for its finger-licking traditional local cuisine, including a variety of cheeses and tasty keftah, a type of meatball often made with beef or lamb. They also offer wine from different villages, and there is often live music, which makes the dining experience even more enjoyable and memorable. The decoration is typically Armenian, including many Armenian carpets. This place has a good reputation with many regular customers.

8. The Club

Cafe, Restaurant, French, European

The Club offers a fine dining atmosphere with a well-priced menu that features delicious local and international meals with a “French touch.” The steak on a hot stone is a must-try, as are the desserts served on the second floor—especially the crème brûlée. The Club welcomes talented chefs from Armenia and abroad and also has a tearoom, café, a concert hall, and a marketplace, where visitors can buy films, books, magazines, and more.

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