How to Spend 48 Hours in Yerevan

Panoramic view of Yerevan
Panoramic view of Yerevan | © Ara Chahvekilian / Flickr

The Armenian capital, Yerevan, offers a wide variety of activities. The city is perfectly situated to visit the rest of the significant sights of the country as day trips. And since some travelers might not have much time to visit Yerevan, we have created a guide that perfectly combines all the important landmarks to see within a two-day itinerary.

Day One

Morning: Enjoy a local breakfast and stroll the Cascade Complex

It’s a known fact that every person should start their morning with a nutritious breakfast. It’s even more important when you are traveling to a new destination. You’ll be walking a lot in the city, so you’ll need the extra energy. Luckily, Yerevan doesn’t lack for breakfast spots. Whether you are following a healthy lifestyle, or you can eat anything for breakfast, Yerevan has it all. However, if you are looking for a place to try some local breakfast options, head to the Lavash Restaurant and try their traditional Armenian breakfast of lavash wraps – one of the most typical wraps includes walnuts and honey.

After your delicious breakfast, head to the Cascade Complex, which is about a ten-minute walk from the restaurant. Spend time admiring its beautiful terraces and artsy sculptures and statues, along with the large and impressive floral ornamentation. Walk all the way up to have a panoramic view of the city. On your way back, visit the Cafesjian Center of Arts located within the staircase to see contemporary works of local artists.

Cascade Stairway and Museum

Afternoon: Visit the Matenadaran and the Mother of Armenia Monument

From the Cascade Complex, walk towards the Matenadaran, a place full of history, literature, and arts. Here, you’ll find pre-historic texts from all over the world. It might be a good idea to take a guided tour, so you can fully understand the importance of the many documents exhibited here.

Once you are done here, visit the Mother of Armenia monument located in Victory Park. The monument represents Armenia itself and symbolizes peace through strength. Overlooking the capital, it looks like the city’s guardian. Those of you who are into military history, visit the Military Museum to see the exhibition dedicated to the Nagorno-Karabakh War that took place between 1988-94.

Victory Park

Evening: Wander in the Kenton district

Kenton is one of the 12 districts in Yerevan and home to the beautiful Blue Mosque, Republic Square, and several parks. Come here late in the afternoon to visit the Great Blue Mosque, the only Shia mosque in the whole country that was built in the 18th century. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Armenian independence, the mosque was renovated with the support of the Iranian government.

After the Great Blue Mosque, go to Republic Square to enjoy a sneak peek into the everyday life of the locals and stroll around the area and see the buildings that took almost 50 years to complete. Every day at around 9pm, there’s a dancing and singing show of the fountains near the square, so make sure not to miss it.

Dancing and Signing Fountain show

Night: Get a glimpse of local nightlife

For the night out, Yerevan has plenty of bars and clubs where you can get a glimpse of how locals spend their evenings after long hours at work or studying. Beer lovers should go to Dargett Craft Brewery to try some of the most delicious brews in town. The venue offers around 20 types of craft beer made with the best technologies, traditions and high-quality ingredients. For a nice night out with good music, check out Barcode Bar, famous for its comfortable, cozy and friendly atmosphere. And to dance to great tunes, go to Paparazzi Club, where DJs only play the latest MTV Dance songs to ensure you have a great time here.

Day Two

Morning: Armenian Alphabet Monument

Start your second day in Yerevan a bit early. Head to one of the breakfast spots in town to have a hearty meal. Afterward, take a small day trip to the Armenian Alphabet Monument, located around a 50-minute drive from the capital. These 39 huge stone letters were put here in 2005 to commemorate the 1,600th birthday of the Armenian script. You won’t need more than an hour to spend here.

Armenian Alphabet Monument

Afternoon: Visit the museums

Once you get back to the city, spend the afternoon visiting the most important museums of Yerevan. First, visit the Armenian Genocide Museum as it’s on the way towards the city center. The museum is devoted to the Armenian Genocide that happened during and after World War I. Visiting the museum is quite emotional and takes you back to that horrible time in the country’s history when around 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated.

To turn the museum crawl into a pleasant activity, head toward Republic Square and visit National Gallery and History Museum to learn more about the country and its culture. The latter displays numismatic, archeological, and ethnographic pieces from the country’s history, as well as relating the story of the recent past. The museum houses a large collection of pre-historic bronze items, the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient kingdom of Urartu, and various coins of different kingdoms.

Lastly, visit the Erebuni Museum located at the foot of Arin Berd hill. Here, you can walk and explore the Urartian Fortress Erebuni and its museum. The area is believed to have been built by Argishti I, the King of Urartu in 782 BCE. The museum exhibits the archeological findings of the area, including jars, bronze bracelets, glass items, agate beads, and many different everyday items.

Armenian Genocide Memorial

Evening: Relax and enjoy your time in the park

Yerevan has a great number of parks for you to enjoy during your time in the city. The most popular place to get closer to nature for locals is Lovers Park. Being one of the oldest parks in the city, it boasts a stunning Japanese landscape, waterfalls, and ponds. Grab a small snack or even have a light picnic dinner here and indulge in the tranquility the park offers.

Lover’s Park in Yerevan

Night: Finish your trip with cocktails

Your last night in Yerevan should be quite memorable, so head to El Sky Bar, the rooftop venue atop the Yerevan Plaza building. Sip their signature cocktails and enjoy panoramic views of the city with nice music playing in the background. If such a venue is not your cup of tea, then head to Liberty Pub, a local favorite and one of the most happening spots in the city. The sole goal of this popular spot is to show you a great time in Yerevan.

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