The Best Villages to Visit in the Albanian Riviera

Qeparo | ©Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs/WikiCommons
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The Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful places to see, not just in Albania but in Europe. Famous for its pristine beaches lapped by crystalline waters, the Albanian Riviera is home to enchanting villages that are worth a visit too. If you are planning a trip to Albania for the summer, read our list of the best hamlets to visit in this stunning area of the Land of the Eagles.

1. Dhërmi

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Tucked away in the foothills of the Acroceraunian Mountains, the picture-perfect village of Dhërmi lays claim to one of the most idyllic stretches of coast on the Albanian Riviera. The village boasts classic southern European architecture and a staggering 35 churches within its boundaries. It is one of the most charming villages of the Balkans, filled with bougainvillea, small Orthodox churches and narrow streets. It is the first hamlet located on the road from the Llogara Pass leadng to Saranda. Dhërmi is worth a visit, so once here, prepare yourself to discover its small streets and admire the gardens and everything else. The best thing to do here, after visiting the town and spending some time in one of the gorgeous beaches, is to reach Shën Marisë, a lovely church located on the top of a hill over Dhërmi that offers amazing views of the village and sea.

2. Vuno

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Nestled between Dhërmi and Himara, Vuno is one of the most beautiful hamlets of the Albanian Riviera. It looks like a small Greek village with white houses, flowers and several churches that give it a lot of charm. We suggest you spend here some time before continuing your coastal tour. A plus here is the presence of two of the most beautiful beaches of the country, Gjipe Beach and Jale, both located near the village and well-known summer destinations.

3. Himara

The village of Himara is one of the most frequented of the Albanian Riviera, because it offers not just beautiful beaches but also a vibrant nightlife. Yet it still has not lost its charm. The bilingual town, where live Albanians and Greeks, is home to several Orthodox churches built in the traditional Byzantine architecture that are worth a look. The seaside promenade with many restaurants and tavernas is the best place to spend the night and have fun. There are several beautiful beaches near the town, such as Livadhi, a white stone bay surrounded by olive trees, and Potami, located in a dramatic setting between the sea and a river.

4. Qeparo

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©Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs/WikiCommons

A not-to-miss place to visit in this area is Qeparo, a nice bilingual seaside village inhabited by Albanians and Greeks. It is one of the favorite summer destinations of locals who love to spend their time in this beautiful hamlet surrounded by nature and gorgeous beaches. If you are a history enthusiast, don’t miss the chance to visit the Ali Pasha Castle, one of the highlights of Albania, a wonderful Venetian castle surrounded by a magnificent bay not far from Qeparo.

5. Borsh Village

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One of the main villages of the Albanian Riviera is Borsh, a beautiful place that offers terrific views, pristine beaches and interesting archaeological rests. Borsh is famous for olive oil production since the ancient times. If you want to buy something typical, a bottle of this good olive oil is a great idea. Borsh is also home to the largest beach of Albania, the 7-kilometer sandy Borsh Beach, perfect for families and children. A not-to-miss place in Borsh is Ujvara, a restaurant/café located right in the middle of the village and built around a stunning waterfall (Ujvara means waterfall) part of the natural monuments of Albania.

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