A Solo Traveler's Guide to Albania

The Archaeological Park of Butrint
The Archaeological Park of Butrint | © gula08
Francesca Masotti

From the gorgeous beaches of the Albanian Riviera to the vibrant atmosphere of the capital city, from the untouched valleys of the north to the historical UNESCO towns scattered throughout, Albania offers something for every traveler. This small Balkan country is always a surprise, and if you are planning to travel solo in Albania, this guide has handy tips for helping you make the most of your trip.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Tirana

Tirana is one of the liveliest capital cities on the Balkan Peninsula. Every day there promises something new and interesting to do, from festivals to cultural events to art exhibitions. Once in town, don’t miss the chance to view or even participate in one of the city’s great art exhibits organized by local artists. You’ll find galleries throughout the city, so take some time to meander through the streets. Then sip a coffee in the Blloku upmarket before visiting the unique BunkArt museum to learn about the communist history of this Balkan capital city.


Prepare to fall in love with the Albanian Riviera

Imagine pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, high mountains, olive groves, and breathtaking panoramas. The Albanian Riviera is all of this and more. This wonderful piece of coast begins at the Llogara Pass and ends at Ksamil, one of Albania’s greatest beaches. Spend some of your days at the Albanian Riviera and swim in the fabulous waters off Drymades Beach, maybe the most beautiful beach in the country.


Book a UNESCO trip

Despite its small size, Albania has three UNESCO sites that are worth a look. They include the historical Ottoman-towns of Berat and Gjirokaster and the archaeological park of Butrint, the largest in Albania and the Balkan Peninsula. You can easily visit these sites during a three-day-tour organized by Limitless Albania.


Trek in the Albanian Alps

If you love to spend your time surrounded by nature, forests, and untouched mountains, well, the right place for you is the north of the country. The Albanian Alps are among the best European destinations for outdoor activities, trekking, and hiking, as well as relaxing in beautiful wild spaces. The highlights here are Theth, Valbona Valley, and Komani Lake, three great spots that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.


Relax at Ohrid Lake

Albania has it all, exciting towns, historical landmarks, gorgeous beaches, untouched mountains, and lakes too. The country is home to two of the most important and largest lakes of Europe: Shkodra Lake or Lake Skadar (divided with Montenegro) and Ohrid Lake (nestled between Albania and Macedonia). If you are looking for quiet, peace, and relaxation, Ohrid Lake will satisfy. With lovely hamlets, breathtaking views, and great fish restaurants, Ohrid Lake is a not-to-miss experience in the Land of the Eagles.


Drink beer in the Little Paris of Albania

If you love festivals and beer, you will be happy to know that every August the town of Korça, the main city of southeastern Albania, is home to the largest summer beer festival in the country. Once you’re in Korça, don’t miss the chance to visit its old centre and bazaar. It won’t take long before you’ll understand why the town is called the “Little Paris” of Albania. The town is famous for being the home of the oldest beer factory in the country, Korça Factory. Many fans will tell you that Korça Factory makes the best beer in all the Balkan Peninsula.


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