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Sweet Dreams in Panama City | © Brittney Schering
Sweet Dreams in Panama City | © Brittney Schering

The Best Boutique Hotels Near Amador, Panama City

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Updated: 17 January 2018

Amador is where you will find the famous stretch of land surrounded by water, the Amador Causeway, well-known and a favorite spot among tourists. Here are the best boutique hotels nearest Amador that you should consider when planning a stay in Panama City.

Villa Palma Boutique Hotel

This exquisitely beautiful, timelessly elegant hotel located near Amador is of the upscale variety with fine dining and a divine rooftop bar with a magical view of the Panama City skyline. Intimate and incredibly designed, Villa Palma Boutique Hotel treats guests like royalty with signature luxury every which way you turn.

Hotel Casa Panama

A mix of modern design and timelessness, Hotel Casa Panama is one of Panama City’s best boutique hotels, and it is incredibly close to Amador. Included in its space are a restaurant, bar, and nightclub.

American Trade Hotel

Equal parts boutique and luxury, this divine hotel is among Panama City’s most elegant spaces. Signature style, design, and history are breathed in the walls and unique infrastructure of this 1917 build. Culture and contemporary art make it a most popular, sophisticated destination for visitors in Panama. American Trade Hotel is also famous for serving the best brunch in town.

Central Hotel Panama

Another favored boutique option is the luxurious Central Hotel Panama. Located in a renovated colonial building, hints of French design are reflected in the interior. Central Hotel Panama is properly named as it is conveniently located in the middle of Casco Viejo’s hottest cafés, bars, galleries, and restaurants.

Casa Sucre Boutique Hotel

Above the beloved café Casa Sucre is another boutique hotel located adjacent to Tantalo. This 1873 build is renovated into an incredible, intimate, five-bedroom, three-apartment guest house. Casa Sucre Boutique Hotel is arguably the best, most intricately designed, unique and gorgeous boutique hotel in Panama. It helps that Casa Sucre Coffeehouse is located on the hotel’s main floor, serving the finest Panamanian coffee and delectable, fresh and favored fare.

Tantalo Hotel

One of the hottest, trendiest boutique hotels in all of Panama City is located in Casco Viejo. Tantalo Hotel offers incredibly designed, comfortable, and stylish rooms for guests who stay. It also welcomes passersby to the incredible restaurant on the main floor, as well as the popular rooftop bar, attracting visitors and locals alike.

Hotel Magnolia Inn

The Magnolia Inn is unique in the way that it is both a boutique hotel and a hostel. Located in Casco Viejo, this favored location for travelers is a French colonial mansion restored to showcase its historic charm and original character. A nostalgic ambiance throughout, the Magnolia Inn offers free wifi and orthopedic beds, as well as stylish social areas for guests to meet and mingle or just relax.