Top 10 Emerging Artists in Costa Rica That You Need to Know About

Inspiration is everywhere
Inspiration is everywhere | © David Artavia
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There are an astonishing number of fresh and talented artists creating many different types of art in Costa Rica. From painters, photographers, designers to street artists and illustrators, Costa Rica’s art world is bursting with exquisite creations. Costa Rica may be somewhat under the radar compared to other countries with a more visible art presence, but there is plenty of striking creativity in this country.

The realistic painter

Luis Carlos Campos – a 24-year-old artist from Nicoya – creates highly realistic pieces that typically incorporate at least two different mediums, such as acrylic and oil paint or color pencil and ink. As well as painting, he is also writing a book, dabbling in tattoo art and carrying on his grandfather’s love for woodwork. As a young multi-talented artist, his potential is endless.

A baboon making a statement

The phenomenon painter

Inspired by a love for science and scientific phenomenons, Luciano Goizueta is a painter, pencil artist and photographer. In his 34 years, he has exhibited his art work in multiple countries around the world including China, Canada, Switzerland and the United States. His work is a fascinating blend of scientific study and abstract creativity.

Chaos and color

The illustrator

Through vibrant colors and bold lines, 26-year-old illustrator Stephanie Chaves is using her inner creativity to raise awareness, with a strong belief in the need to teach people about sexuality, eroticism, human rights and sexual diversity. Through her work, this young and very talented illustrator is urging other artists to use their talents for a good cause.

Vibrant and fearless

The engraver

Alejandra Fournier didn’t start her art career until later in life, after leaving the traditional workforce to follow her artistic vision. She joined an engraving group and learned from Jorge Crespo and sucessfully became an expert in her field, going on to teach engraving and children’s art classes at the Art Flow Gallery.

Freedom of expression

The notebook designer

Francisco Cascante is another multi-talented artist – musician, actor and creator of artisan notebooks. Asked what inspires him when creating notebooks, he says: “I try to make every notebook with the maximum possible love. A notebook can be a door to thousands of worlds: it can be a story, it can be a poem, it can be drawings or loose sentences. We know that we can express practically any human question or feeling without anyone’s judgement. It leads you to a moment of release and expression, and all this I take into account in my work.”

Beautiful artisan notebookss

The fashion designer

Daniela Sasso is a 29-year-old self-taught fashion designer and is the creator of Lila Designs, which is a socially responsible women’s clothing line. She employs inmates from a prison in Cartago to make the purses and handbags for her collections and women who are unable to leave their homes (typically because they are in charge of taking care of the family) to make the clothes for her company. Thus, many women in Costa Rica, who wouldn’t be able to work otherwise are given a great employment opportunity.

Faux fur fashion

The performer

Dino Real is an artist who expresses himself through rituals, performances, installations, costumes and painting. Between attending art festivals during an exchange at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, a journey to Burning Man, and working on costume designs in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Dino Real discovered his true calling and embraced the eccentric artist within. He believes his goal is to inspire and to bring out the happiness in others.

We are art

The street artist

Gussa is a 28-year-old well-traveled Costa Rican street artist who is brightening up the walls of San Jose. Gussa creates unique and upbeat images around the city. He wants to remind people to not worry so much and to smile more. When he is not creating street art, Gussa works with the Integrated System for Art Education and Social Inclusion in a low-income community in San Jose, encouraging more people to embrace their artistic creativity.


The writer

Diego Delfino is a Costa Rican-born author and journalist, co-creator of an alternative culture website and social forum called 89decibeles and contributor to La Nacion. He has also worked as an editor and interviewer. He recently wrote a series of three interlinked books across multiple genres (one poetry, one essay, and one novel).

A writer and his cat

The director

Federica Peixoto is passionate about music, art and visual communication. Over the past twenty years he had been documenting street art throughout Central America. The documentary is called Todos Hermanos Centroamericanos. This ambitious project’s aim was to unite the people of Central America through art. Peixoto has his own video production company called Gafeto TV and also DJ’s and organizes festivals on the side.

Behind the lens

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